2016 Winter December 24 Saturday

37 degrees this morning, walk 34:51 minutes

Best “pace” this morning I have recorded. It is still too high (so high I am embarrassed to post it), but at least I am working on getting it lower.

Listening to a new “Great Course” on Science Fiction. Probably a strange one for me since i don’t really consider myself a science fiction reader. Nothing against it, in fact I like the concept, just never have read a lot of it.

I was rather intrigued to read that the basis of science fiction is in a strange event that happen in 1816. A volcano had created a cloud of dust around the earth (in fact it was called “the year with no summer”).

I am sure I have read about it before, but it is rather intriguing and I need to read more about it.

Anyway a group of people (including Lord Bryon and Mary Shelley) decided to stay inside and tell stories because of the coldish air.

Mary Shelly told a story based on a dream she had and the others encouraged her to write a book about it, “Frankenstein” was the result.

I hadn’t realized it was considered the first science fiction. There may be some disagreement but a lot of people agree with it.

Of course, her book is actually much different than the movies, and all of the offshoot books, comics and short stories etc.

He mentions that the basis of science fiction is that it is about the possible. It may be improbable but it can be done.

I was surprised at some of the dates. I didn’t really realize Frankenstein was written in 1816, nor was I really consciously aware that Jules Verne and H.G.Wells were so early.

Jules Verne was born in 1828 and died in 1905. He was actually French. I hate to admit I thought he was American Most of his books were written in the 1870’s, much earlier than I thought.

Anyway, it will be interesting listening to the lectures. I think the lecturers concept of how science fiction affects our culture and vice versa is very interesting.

Today is Christmas Eve, when we have most of our “Christmas” activities. I have enjoyed the Christmas music and am sorry I didn’t hear more of it. Of course, probably better wanting more than getting tired of it.

Also, the start of a four day weekend, which is wonderful! I’m not sure if I have ever had a Saturday thru Tuesday 4 day weekend before.

Another dream, just a short one.

Dreamed i was in some state Capital or maybe Washington DE

Kept trying to park the car and couldn’t part it right in the parking space. Almost ran over a memorial like you see on State Capitals or Gettysburg.

There was a large grassy area between the parking lot and the memorials, but kept driving over the grass and close to the memorials.

Don’t recall what happens before that but it was strange.

Kept seeing shadowy figures watching as I tried to park.

That’s it for now, Saturday, December 24, 2016


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