2016 Winter December 25 Sunday

64 degrees this morning, Walk 35:04

Trying to figure out how to dress for my walk this morning! Of course I ended up dressing too warm.

“Pace” was slightly slower from yesterday, but not much (4 seconds per mile).

Light rain this morning, but to enough to stop me from walking. I think more rain is coming later. After recent weather of 2 degrees etc. I need to readjust my thinking to 64 degree weather!

Christmas parties yesterday (both a Christmas breakfast, and then we had a Christmas lunch/dinner at our house). Both actually turned out very well, which is nice.

We tend to keep our thermostat a little warmer than some, and we found our house is slow to cool down once it is warm! (without turning on the air conditioner). Since it was around 36 degrees yesterday, that was surprising, even considering the number of people in this house.

Listening to the lectures on science fiction. They mentioned that Poe actually wrote some books that were considered science fiction. He also wrote what is considered the first detective novel.

Apparently there is also some discussion on the types of science fiction, for example one writer just magically went to the moon, another actually specified a fictional means of the equipment and inventions needed to go to the moon.

He mentioned that one writer wrote of a journey to the moon (or maybe Mars) and even accurately described how the earth looked as we went to the moon and also was reasonably accurate on the distance

Read about how “private equity” firms are starting to get involved in public utilities and, of course, cheating the cities and making extremely high profits on the backs of the citizens.

As noted in the article, they not only raise the rates to where citizen can’t afford it, they then “sell” the delinquent utility bills and take their house and then make a profit on the house that they legally stole from them.

Makes you wonder how they can sleep at night or live with themselves.

Of course that is the model the lying, bigoted bully wants to follow after he is President-enrich the rich at the expense of the middle class and shovel tax money to private equity firms who basically exist only to legally rip off people. (and receive favored tax treatment in addition!)

For some reason I am getting interested in reading fiction again. I was thinking maybe I was reading different writers, but I am basically reading the same writers, although some of my favorite authors have recently published new books. Of course I also have read some new writers that I like also.

I will miss the Christmas music and the decorations as the Christmas season ends. Now there is all of the “lists of 2016” and “forecasts for 2017” that we have to either endure, ignore or enjoy. Some are good, some are bad.

We actually will have a lot of “landmarks” during 2017, all of different types. We will celebrate our 20th Wedding Anniversary, I will turn a “milestone” age, and I know there will be a lot of things happen we can’t forecast.

We are going to have a quiet Christmas, basically just recover from yesterday and go out and eat and relax. I am looking forward to having Monday and Tuesday off also!

That’s it for now, Sunday, December 25, 2016.


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