2016 Winter December 26 Monday

53 degrees this morning, walk 33:58 minutes

Record both for time walked (at this distance) and the pace. The distance was actually about the average, so I significantly improved on both the total minutes and the pace.

The pace was actually about a full minute off of my average pace and about 40 seconds better than my “best” pace since I have started keeping track. Which has actually only been since I got the Apple Watch.

It is interesting what motivates me. I have been keeping my time for years and, while it fluctuates quite a bit, I don’t think the time itself has ever really motivated me to walk faster, but keeping track of the “pace” really motivates me.

Somehow the “pace” , maybe because it has nothing to do with the distance, which may change, is the “gold standard” of how fast I am actually walking.

Of course, then you get into thinking about whether it is really good to walk a faster pace or not. Does 40 seconds per mile really matter in the overall scheme of the walk?

I have to assume that it does to some degree. I definitely knew I was walking faster, and I think is good to mildly challenged myself to do better.

Of course, at some point you have to realize you are doing the best you can or maybe not, maybe it may take a lot of time and patience, but eventually you can always improve.

Overall, a very nice Christmas, in fact I would be hard pressed to say how it could have been better. Of course, while I enjoy Christmas, I don’t have a lot of expectations for it other than enjoying the visiting, the food and the presents, and, even more so, the overall atmosphere for the month or so.

Watched a little bit of NFL football, the first we have really watched this season. We did watch one Kansas City Chiefs game a couple of weeks ago.

Somehow, the NFL has turned into somewhat of a boring game. I lost a lot of interest when when went to the “sudden death” overtime (which basically means the entire game was played for no reason), the teams started playing each other with no really rationale and I think the entire think just seemed contrived. Frankly when teams (for example only) like Seattle and Arizona play why should I really care who wins?

Probably won’t watch any more NFL games until the playoffs. I don’t have anything against the NFL as such, (or the NBA for that matter that I absolutely never watch), I do deeply resent having to pay for the extremely high salaries, high cost of the stadiums, high profits of the owners etc. by the increased cost of products (from the advertising) and cable tv for something I don’t benefit from.

I really resent the extortion type of action by all three of the major sports (NFL, NBA and MBL) in their stupid 24 hour channels that they basically extort cable systems to carry. I was pleased to see that some customers and cable systems are starting to balk at the monopoly costs and viewership is decreasing and, of course, “cord cutting” will help resolve the problem.

Actually I recently read that many younger persons aren’t following traditional sports and instead are “watching” video game playing etc. Whatever.

Actually the only thing I really resent about sports is when sports (especially professional sports which is strictly about making money, not sports) intrudes into regular news and is considered as regular news.

Kind of like when “reality shows” (I have never watched a “reality show”) first came out and were treated as “news”. Again, whatever, at least now I can fast forward through it.

That’s it for now, Monday, December 26, 2016.


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