2016 Winter December 27 Tuesday

32 degrees this morning. Walk 34:22.

Pace still below average (meaning I walked faster) slightly higher than yesterday (about 18 seconds per mile slower, but still much better than average)

Today is a Holiday for me, which is wonderful. I really like Holidays, even better than vacation days, since it means the office is also closed and no one expects you to be around etc.

As I mentioned several days ago, listening now to one of the “Great Courses”, in this case lectures on Science Fiction. It is interesting, although it may be more interesting than actually reading some of the books discussed.

He does make the interesting observation that many of the “utopian” science fiction novels are rather boring, unless there is some other aspect that keeps it interesting.

Probably that is one reason that utopia’s have always seemed to fail! Of course, it may depend on your definition of what a “utopia” actually is.

I think you could argue that many people currently live in about as close to a “utopia” as can be expected, that is except for the terrifying knowledge of the “dystopia” that is coming in the form of corporations allowed to run wild under the new president.

For some reason, I did not, at least consciously, know that a “dystopia” is an antonym of “utopia” and of course are more common.

To quote the internet (if it can be believed!) a dystopia is “characterized by dehumanization, totalitarian government, environmental disaster or other characteristics associated with a cataclysmic decline in society.

Describes the next four years I expect!

Some examples (both of which I can see coming) is “1984”, and Brave New World, Fahrenheit 451 etc. I haven’t watched or read “the Hungry Games” but that is also one cited.

Some examples that are starting to show up in real life are governing by vast corporations accountable to no one (already pretty much the case with the money they throw at politicians), and governance by advertising agencies.

This is sure to to get worse in the next four years as the money is shoveled to private businesses and businesses are “deregulated” and allowed/encouraged to gouge consumers, just like the medical companies do now and a Nazi/Facist government emerges.

I’m glad I learned the term “dystopia”, sometimes the right term comes at the right time! I have a eel that “Nazi/Facist” describe it just as well, except the power of faceless, unaccountable corporations will greatly increase. Private Equity firms are a perfect example of a dystopia type of organization as far as society is concerned that should be outlawed.

I think “dehumanization” is the best way to describe the current national “leaders”.

Anyway, it is amazing what I learn! I never really realized the political and social issues involved in science fiction although of course it is obvious.

Perhaps “2017” will replace “1984” as the year when “1984” becomes a reality. The new administration is already a form of “animal farm” where the thin skinned lying bully president-elect requires only praise of his toadies and is using his “power” to kill free speech.

That’s it for now, Tuesday, December 27, 2016.


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