2016 Winter December 28 Wednesday

55 degrees this morning. Walk 33:49 minutes

Another record (I believe) the morning with both in “time walked” and the “pace”. Probably not that important in the overall scheme of things, but one small victory at the start of my day is good!

Just an update on my Apple Watch, I remain extremely pleased with it. I still have a couple of things I need to learn about it (probably a lot more than that).

Apparently there is not an “Audible” app for the Apple Watch yet. I have read up on how to put music on the Apple Watch and it is relatively simple, but putting books on it just isn’t worth the time and effort.

The only thing I found I was disappointed in the Apple Watch is that you can’t set up “touch” notification individually. I don’t like the watch to squeak, squeal or beep etc., so I just turned the volume down. Unfortunately this (I assume) means I can’t use as a phone, unless I turn the volume up, although right now I don’t really have dire need to make calls on my Apple Watch anyway.

I did order some “AirPods” so it will be just as easy to use them anyway. But, it is only of those things (phone calls) I would like the possibility to do even if I don’t do it, if that makes any sense.

I was pleased to note that the credit card Warranty is actually pretty good. I actually took the time to read the terms. It actually extends the warranty for two years AFTER the expiration of the manufacturers warranty AND AFTER the extended warranty.

So, since I got the extended warranty on my Apply Watch (2 years), I actually have a 4 year warranty on it. Ditto on computers etc. Can’t beat that. I don’t know if it applies to phones or not. Of course this is for defects, not drop damage etc.

Of course, actually collecting on such a warranty may make it virtually worthless anyway.

Listening to the “Great Course” on Science Fiction during my morning walk. This morning was some interesting comments concerning the impact of Editors on science fiction, to the point that many readers would follow Editors, not writers.

He commented that Editors would carefully review the “letters to the Editor” to determine the likes/dislikes of readers and solicit writers accordingly..

I never thought about ti before but he mentioned that the term “spaceship” almost is away of identifying science fiction, but a “spaceship” has little relation to an actual “ship”.

Actually probably the fist space ship has the design because of the relationship to a bullet. Of course, spaceships have that same configuration, so you never know if spaceships are configured that way because it is most efficient or because scientists assumed that that was most efficient because the literature made them assume it was the most and only efficient design!

“The Structure of Scientific Revolutions” theorized that many advances are made by people who are new to profession. I don’t recall the exact reason (I try to re-listen or re-read the book every few years), but I imagine it is because they aren’t hindered by “supposed to be’s”, or, even worse “can’t do’s” .

Not that I am going to make any great advances in Science Fiction, but I think I am learning more from this course just because I start from a point of ignorance that is probably greater than most people who are listening to it!/

Was going to comment more about “Dystopia”, especially as to current events, but I am out of space and time.

Ending of four days of Holidays, so will be getting back to work this morning. Fortunately a three day week, followed by a three day weekend!

That’s it for now, Wednesday, December 28, 2016.


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