2017 Winter January 1 Sunday

2017 Fall January 1 Sunday

33 degrees this morning, walk 34:35 minutes

Actually walked the longest I have ever walked before (by .02 of a mile, and about .06 mile longer than my average walk). Not quite sure how I did that.

My pace was 4 seconds (per mile) off of my record, so it was a good walk.

The first “2017”. There will actually be a lot of events this year, from “landmark” birthdays, to starting full social security to paying off one of the cars; No matter what, it is another year and I expect it will go as fast as 2016 etc.

Usually I start the year off on a positive note, but I”m afraid that there won’t be a lot positive this year, at least at the state and national level.

Not to exclude the coming Dystopia resulting from a bunch of extremists led by a habitual liar, a bully and a president and congress out of touch with reality. I really think “government by unaccountable, unelected and unethical corporations” is here in essence, since they use their money to bribe and extort the elected “representatives” to get their extremist views. Look at Kansas and this state, perfect examples of the disaster to come nationally from a bunch of extremist bullies who only think about cutting taxes for the wealthy and shoveling tax money to their buddies as “tax credits” and “incentives” and “tax cuts”.

I recently saw a news anchor who was still in shock. She had had dinner at a restaurant and several “wall street types” had been toasting each other over how much money they would be able to steal with the new “deregulation” etc. She was still in shock form the gross greed and lack of ethics and even illegal actions displayed by them.

Fortunately, extremists lead to extreme reactions, leading to their own downfall, or they all get so greedy they spend them time fighting over the spoils and don’t get anything done.

This probably all falls into the category of “can’t do anything about it”, so I won’t worry too much about it, but at least i can complain about it (so far anyway, although the lying bully would like to restrict free speech, for everyone but him and his cronies).

Listening to the audio book on science fiction. Nothing really caught my attention this morning. I really need to find the transcript, or at least the course outline of the “Great Courses”. It would help me retain what I hear and also give me something of a reference.

I remember hearing once how much you retain from listening or reading or watching for that matter, and it isn’t very much, but if you reinforce what you hear, you remember a lot more. Probably there are a lot of theories about it.

Reading Michael Lewis “The Undoing Project”. It is interesting, they emphasize the the fallacy of some decision making, especially making decisions from too little data and decisions based on stereotypes or preconceived notions or concepts, which may not even have any basis in reality. (As I mentioned earlier about the lying bully and his cronies….)

I always read books like that with a little (or quite a few) grains of salt, so to speak. However it is an interesting book and certainly has some good thoughts about decision making.

Unfortunately one of those books that I just can’t just read and understand all of the concepts, I need to go back and think about the key points.

I expect in a year or two there will be a book disputing his “facts” and “findings’ and proposing some other alternative, but I still think the book has a lot to think about, especially about current decision making.

My main problem over the next several weeks will be putting “2017” instead of “2016”, but I will eventually get it, hopefully before 2018 arrives!

That’s it for now, Sunday, January 1, 2017.


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