2017 Winter January 3 Tuesday

43 degrees this morning, walk 34;34 minutes. Pace still well below “average”, which is good and which now actually is no longer the average, since I am walking faster.

I guess the Apple Watch has already had a positive effect on my walking, I am actually walking at a much faster pace, now that I can precisely measure my pace and actual distance walk, as well as the time.

Actually, I had a good example of the battery on the Apple Watch. I didn’t walk yesterday morning and forgot to charge the watch. This morning, I still had 44% battery, after two days, including one walk and one cycling plus the usual items. Not bad.

In spite of the many ways we have of communicating, i realized this morning it is even more difficult to really communicate.

I read (briefly) about the House of Representatives gutting the “Ethics Committee”, which is a joke since it was already meaningless anyway.

I was thinking about contacting my representative and realized they won’t respond of even read it. If I send an e-mail, they will ignore it or send some meaningless “we got your e-mail and are considering it” reply. If I call, I’ll get some staff member who “will tell the Representative”. Sure they will. Obviously they get too many Facebook or Twitter responses to respond too. If I send a regular letter, they will have to send it through chemical analysis and it will get lost.

Of course the term “Representative” is a joke anymore anyway, they are “representative” only to big money or their extreme views.

It is a mystery to me how they keep on being elected and re-elected. Even in a state with term limits, the same type of people (except more unrepresentative and more extreme since they have less time to get what they want) get elected, even though they work against the very people who elect them.

In the book “The Undoing Project”, they mention about how, if you don’t hear any noise, the slightest noise gets your attention. If you have a light level of noise, it takes a lot of noise to get your attention.

I think communication is like that now. We have so many means of communication that we really don’t communicate at all, unless it is in a “large” way, or it is someone you really care about communicating with. And sometimes not even then.

I am always a little amused about the lying bully bragging about all of his “Twitter” followers. If he read the responses (obviously he doesn’t), he would realize that 80% of the responses are negative and worse. Of course, even if he did, he would simply lie about it. They are hardly buying his lies.

What is so scary is that even respected newspaper editors are trying to excuse the liar with some types of platitudes about “state of mind” or some such claptrap excuse. I am probably going to cancel my Wall Street Journal subscription in protest. A liar is a liar, just as a bigot is a bigot.

I don’t feel his staff or the news anchors should be excused either. They aren’t doing their job when they try to soft pedal lies.

First day of work of 2017. As I mentioned, my major problem will be remembering to write “2017”

That’s it for now, Tuesday, January 3, 2017.


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