2017 Winter January 4 Wednesday


23 degrees this morning (feels like 10!), Walk 34:37 minutes. Pace slightly faster than the “new average”

A little cool this morning but actually good walking weather. At least as long as I am dressed for it.

The cold here isn’t near as bad as it is in some areas, such as Washington D.C. or Boston, where the same temperature seems almost unbearable, or maybe I’m just not used to it.

Probably the major problem with having a “study guide” for the book I am listening to on my morning walk will be getting used to reading it before I listen! It is a matter of one more thing to do with my time, and, of course, planning to read what I am going to listen to, since it is difficult to forecast what actually I will be listening to.

The lecturer discussed the beginning of “Silent Spring” this morning, how the science fiction like beginning may have attracted enough readers to increase interest in her main ideas. It was actually serialized in the New Yorker, so the first chapter was a stand-alone article in a sense.

As with the “Great Course on American Literature”, this course lets me know what I missed. I enjoyed “Invasion of the Body Snatchers” just because of the story and the escapist nature.

I never thought about how the “pods” could be “conformity” or even “communism” (in that time frame). Oh well, everyone is different.

I am just amazed (and of course dismayed) at the way I see CNBC and numerous others sucking up to the lying, lunatic bully and not analyzing what he says.

It is one thing to realize the impact of such a creature being President, another to swallow everything and accept everything he says just because of “relaxing” regulations and supposedly huge profits by the bankers and private equity as they rip off consumers.

I have pretty well quit watching CNBC. For a while it looked like “Mad Money” had gotten back on track, but now it looks like Cramer has become just another suckee thinking only of the money to be made, not the long term perils and not questioning anything the liar does.

I was really pleased to see GM stand up to him. My next car may will be a GM model if they continue to have the courage to stand up to that lying, bigoted, bully.

I can assure you I won’t “force myself” to buy a Corvette, although it would be tempting! Probably a Volt or Bolt would be more like it.

I actually really like a hybrid and can’t imagine ever going back to a gas only engine (hopefully electrics will continue to improve), at least for the car I use in my job. Of course, the current car I use for work should last another 5 years or so (more it the lying bully’s tactics substantially increase car costs, which I expect they will), and there will probably be significant advances in that time. It isn’t the gas savings as much as the drivability, pickup etc.

Speaking of cars, I (with a great grandson) unloaded a box of “Hot Wheels” cars. Not sure why i still like them, just something about them. Anyway, we unloaded a box, set them up to various classifications (color, type etc.). I expect I had more fun than he did.

I always have visions of somehow setting them all up, possibly on a “Hot Wheels” display of some sort. I actually have some possible room now, but am undecided. I do plan on proceeding with starting a “photo book” the cars. I figure if I do one per day (on average), I have have it completed in about 4 years.

Four years seems like a long time, but if I had started with I first thought of this (about 6 years ago), I would have been done by now!

That’s it for now, Wednesday, January 4, 2017.


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