2017 Winter January 7 Saturday

0 degrees this morning (-12 “feels like” . Snow still on ground, obviously no walk.

Probably the “0” degrees would be a reason for “no walk”, although I have walked in some pretty cold weather. But I draw the line at rain or snow.

Not being about to take my walk completely changes my day. While I probably could so some exercise in the house, I don’t even lift weights.

Actually I take additional naps (I almost never take longer than a 20 minute nap since it makes me groggy). Then I may waste more time on the internet and reading. Nothing constructive as such, although it can be constructive to look on the internet and read.

I think I am reluctant to to anything constructive since that would make the normal time I spend exercising more of a waste of time. Rationally, I know that’s not true, exercise is just something you need to do.

Also, I have somewhat of a cold (controllable with medicine somewhat so far), so it may be just as good I can’t walk.

I tried to consciously sleep past my regular waking time this morning, but it just doesn’t work. That is just the time I am designated to walk up! Or the designated time I sleep since I regularly sleep a certain amount of time and then wake up.

After yesterday, I developed the theory that the Russians, through Wiki leaks, has something on the lying bully, the vice president, etc. and the FBI Director. The Russians manipulated the election and they are now running the country, or at least as of January 20, by extortion and blackmail.

Who knows what they probably will do, probably order them to manipulate the currency, trade etc. to benefit Russia and maybe even eventually take over.

Scary, but why else would the lying, bigoted, lunatic bully want to basically gut the intelligence structure of government, except on order of the Russians?

It would provide a “reason” for some of the more wild actions of the new “administration”.

I am sure the lying bully has many actions for which he can be blackmailed.

That theory also accounts for why he basically appointed incompetents and crooks to his cabinet, on the order of the Russians who don’t want anyone competent running the government. They all appear to be that type who “WiKi Leaks” has compromised and is blackmailing or extorting.

Maybe I will write a novel about it! However, extreme as it seems, I’m really not sure if it would be a novel.

Who would have ever thought the Russians could infiltrate computers and actually influence a US election.? It obviously, is true, but why did the lying bully “protest too much” other than the fact it is true and he keeps trying to cover up the fact that he is being controlled by the Russians?

That would explain all the wild lies, etc., designed to call attention to everything but the fact the Russians are going to be running the government through blackmail.

As I mentioned, I would like to write a novel about it, but not likely I have the skills to do so. I may try it anyway, would do me good to learn how to write a novel.

On the other hand, it may not be a novel, it may be a non-fiction book!

That’s it for now, Saturday, January 7, 2017.


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