2017 Winter January 8 Sunday

20 degrees this morning. No walk, snow still on streets etc.

Saturday was definitely a “house day”, wend outside only a couple of times. Although I never saw it lower than “0” degrees, the “official” low temperature was -3 degrees.

Have a slight cold, which means I basically didn’t do much constructive all day. As somewhat reluctant member of “Amazon Prime” (the unlimited storage sucked me in), I get a “free” e-book each month, usually a new writer. I have been somewhat surprised that I have enjoyed reading several of them when I get time.

Of course some of them aren’t worth the time, and I don’t read them, but several have been reasonably good and it is nice to read something fresh, and sometimes some interesting and new perspectives.

NFL (pro football) playoffs have started. Although we don’t watch the regular season gams, (Actually I didd watch one game last season.) they seem to play in the playoffs with more intensity than they do in the regular season. Also, it is hard to really be for or against many of the teams since the schedules are so erratic each year.

However, the playoffs are normally fun to watch, both the players and the crowd seem to have more intensity.

Trying to get started on taking pictures of my “Hot Wheels”, just one or several each day. Still have figured on a configuration to really display them (type of photo book etc.). I just decided to start and learn from experience.

Next I wan’t to “weed” many of my hats and t-shirts, taking a picture of them before I give or throw them away. There is a place that will make a “quilt” of old t-shirrs locally, which may be an incentive to get rid of many of my t-shirts. Aliene has actually cut out some of my old t-shorts to eventually do that. Doubt if they can include hats, although there may be some parts they can use.

Another dream, first of 2017

Dream 1-7-17 Saturday

Dream with Aliene and a number of other people including my daughter and her husband.

We are with some people who had built a really professional tree house, or some type of backyard house for their children. For some reason they made a big deal about not putting wifi in it.

We were in a small house, kind of below the road, when it was raining it was vary hard to get out of of the water. I am reminded of a house I lived in when I was a child, although it wasn’t situated at the bottom of the road.

We were staying in the house and went out to eat. while eating, a person with a skull for a head (apparently I realized during the dream it was Halloween). His companion had severe injuries on her leg and the man and she kept emphasizing her injuries.

i don’t remember anymore of the dream, it was longer, but I waited to0 long to start writing it down. Always feel is is so strong I will remember it but I don’t.

2nd Dream (after another mini-nap)

Driving “south” in a heavy snow storm.

Stopped at a convenient store, take in my water bottle to get more water. There is some kind of water refuel station in the store (haven’t seen one like it).

A woman and a child are in front of me. I stand to the side to give them room and then two men walk in in big coats and cut in front of me. I think about saying something but don’t.

My bottle is an empty Ozarka water bottle I am refilling. (Which I almost never do).

Back on the road, the road is icy. i seem to lose my relationship to road and don’t feel i have any control on the icy road. I seem to lose touch as I look out and don’t even see where I am on the road (like in a blowing snow storm, but it’s not blowing snow.)

Fortunately I wake up and realize it is a dream.

That’s it for now, Sunday, January 8, 2017.


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