2017 Winter January 9 Mondny


31 degrees this morning. No walk.

Not only was snow on the ground, but I developed a cough that is bad enough I’m probably not going into work, which for me, means I really don’t feel good!

Had a slight cold,I actually thought I was getting over it and then suddenly Sunday afternoon I develop a bad cough.

Of course, this was just after my observation that I wasn’t having any problems with coughing at least, even if I did have a cold.

One of those coughs and colds that you sleep fitfully and have a lot of wild dreams (I didn’t try to remember them!). I can remember several of them and they were wild.

As a result, I slept late and then continued taking naps, hoping I will feel better.

Just saw a quote that I saw some time ago, “for every minute of anger you lose 60 seconds of happiness”.

I have actually thought about that quote when I am tempted to get anger about something that isn’t important. The classic case is someone cutting you off etc. Why get anger?

Of course, I really dislike being sick and all it entails. At least so far it is just a cold with a cough, but I expect I will go see a Doctor just to make sure it doesn’t get worse or it develops into something worse.

the fitful sleep and the strong dreams are usually a sign that i have a cold, hopefully not the flu, although it doesn’t seem like the flu.

One think about the Apply Watch anyone needs to watch for, is it is a magnet to children! Children from 6 months to 5 years seem to have an automatic homing device when they see the watch (especially if you have the Mickey or Minnie Mouse face).

The best defense is to lock the face, or just let them have fun and reset it after they are done!

Just got a notice about next weekend, heavy either rain, snow or ice! Isn’t good no matter how you look at it, hope it is rain!

This has already been one of the worst winters I have been in for years, hopefully it will settle down and just be a little cool!

Actually one of my biggest fears is ice freezing on power lines and knocking electricity out. Generally you can deal with about anything except for electricity being out! Of course things could change.

Hope I start feeling better, I’m actually not coughing a lot right now, I just have a head cold (of course I coughed right after I wrote that!

That’s it for now, Monday, January 9, 2017.


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