2017 Winter January 10 Tuesday

58 degrees this morning. No walk

Called in “sick” yesterday, for the first time in a long time. still recovering this morning although I am still a little under the weather although I am feeling better.

Went to the Doctor, (actually something they call “convenient care”, which is truly convenient) and got the usual “drug weapons”. I had had a “cold” for at least a week, but the really bad cough started Sunday.

Sunday night I just coughed and coughed, and had really weird dreams, bordering on nightmares, although they weren’t really nightmares.

I was going to use the term “hallucinations” until I saw the actual definition when I looked up how to spell it!

Hallucinations are interesting when you see some of the definitions as to how our mind perceives things and can be fooled. It kind of tied in with the book “The Undoing Project” and even some of the Science Fiction genre.

It is amazing how the mind reacts. When I was at the Citizens Police Academy they had a film where you were supposed to count the number of times a basketball was caught. Afterwards they showed you the very same video and a person dressed as an ape walked through the film. About 50% of the class hadn’t seen the ape in the first showing (which was about the average).

The Undoing Project is almost as much study in some of the problems with collaboration as it is in the development of some aspects of decision making. It wasn’t something I could just sit down and read straight though.

Read some really thoughtful newsletters. Of course, I always like articles that reinforce my thinking, but I know it is really important to read what I don’t really want to hear also. (Except for politics).

The Newsletters actually bought up some good questions (in some cases much more extreme than I really expect) about the future, especially with basically a fascist, bigoted, thin-skinned, liar as the president who is surrounded by a bunch of extremists.

I think “instability” will be the word of the future until he is either impeached, jailed or removed for mental problems and of course that will mean more instability.

58 degrees this morning, supposed be “spring like” the next several days. Of course, not a good time to not be feeling good, but hopefully I will be felling better soon.

The Doctor said this runs about 14 days and I think my 14 days will be up this weekend, but that was before the coughing spell started, so I don’t know what that is going to mean.

Dire predictions about this weekend, including “freezing rain”, and/or large amounts of rain or both. Of all the elements, rain, snow, or freezing rain, freezing is definitely the absolute worst.

That’s it for now, Tuesday, January 10, 2017.








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