2017 Winter January 11 Wednesday

51 degrees this morning. No walk.

Felt a lot better yesterday and today than I did Monday! It is amazing what medicine can do. Even then, I”m not sure if I ever felt so better so fast. I’m actually feeling relatively like a human being again.

Hopefully can get back into walking soon. Today was a “planned” off day due to some work related matters anyway, though I probably wouldn’t have walked anyway. Probably won’t walk until at least Friday, I am waiting to see how the coughing goes.

I am beginning to see a direct relationship to what I eat and coughing, so I have an extra incentive to eat less and if necessary, more often.

I have to admit my day was brightened by the news that (even if not verified) the Russians had something on on the lying bully.

While I probably lost my chance about a novel on how the Putin blackmailed the lying bully and the FBI Director and fixed the election, I expect at least the part about Russia blackmailed (at least as a pink elephant no one actually talked about) him and his team is true. I don’t have any doubt that there was some intimidation and at least quasi-extortion for the lying bully to act like he did about Russia.

I expect the discussion was relatively polite, I am trying to imagine how it was discussed that “we won’t say anything about this but we do know it, but as a friend, will you…..?” Blackmail never stops so it will continue to get worse.

Of course he lies so much no one will believe him even if he tells the truth, which I expect he is incapable of doing. He probably doesn’t even know the truth anymore he lies so much.

In addition, I wouldn’t doubt it a bit but that the Mob has something on him also. Casinos are obvious targets for the mob, and you don’t play in the dirt without getting muddy as they say.

Thought the College Football “college championship” Monday was interesting. I didn’t have much interest in either team, except that I normally am for the underdog, (you have to be for someone to keep it interesting), so I was delighted at the outcome. It was an interesting game if nothing else

Have been making minor progress on recording my Hot Wheels (also have Matchbook and other kinds, but “Hot Wheels” is my collection name) collection. I just take a picture when I get a chance, still haven’t figured on a means or how to catalogue and classify them. Maybe the whole point is I shouldn’t bother and just show the collection as is.

Hoping the “winter storm” this weekend isn’t as bad on the “freezing rain” aspect. We have only been out of electricity for more than a day once, in Tennessee, in the Summer. It wasn’t all that bad once we adjusted to it, not something we wanted necessarily, but it also was warm.

I can’t really imagine being out of electricity when it is freezing outside and I don’t want to find out. Last winter were were out for about 8 hours and it starts to get tense!

Actually, the time in Tennessee when we were out of electricity was when we started going to minor league AAA baseball games on a regular basis. It was weird because the ballpark had electricity and right next to it, i was out.

Hoping I continue to feel better health wise, it feels so much better to feel well!

That’s it for now, Wednesday, January 11, 2017.


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