2017 Winter January 12 Thursday


31 degree this morning. No walk.

Still have a little of the cold hanging on so didn’t walk. Woke up with cabin fever, but when saw 31 degrees (versus 75 yesterday) it abated a little bit!

Kind of feel like we are in one of those disaster movies or books, waiting for the monsters etc. with the forecast for this weekend. Everyone is waiting (will, not in the hopeful sense) and preparing for horrible weather this weekend a big ice storm from freezing rain on Friday and Saturday and then heavy rains Sunday.

Daily conversations are filled with talk of this weekend, and of course dread at the thought of losing electricity for a considerable time in cold weather. On the other hand, not a lot we can do other than prepare and hope they are wrong or it is just have rain or even heavy snow.

Putting away the Christmas decorations etc gave us an added boost of energy to do some changing around and change some storage areas to provide more space, in this case in the “bonus room”. Actually worked out pretty well, regardless of what we eventually do with the space.

We are thinking of having a place to display the Hot Wheels etc. cars, especially for the kids (and, yes, me). I am surprised how durable they have been, considering the beating they have been taking. However, only a small number of my collection is out!

One thing, if one or two are occasionally destroyed, I can just throw them away and thank goodness it happened while I was watching and could get rid of any pieces etc.

Frankly I have no illusions that they will ever be “worth” anything other than for the enjoyment. (There are a couple that I read about that I quietly stored in a private area!) I am not a “collector” in the sense that I even expect anything other than enjoyment from them.

What has surprised me is how all the children (from 6 months to 4 years) take to the cars, both the “Hot Wheels” size and the larger ones. Seems to be a universal attraction (including MUCH older adults also!)

I don’t “play” with them as such, but I do enjoy “displaying” them.

I should mention obviously with the potential ice storm this weekend, there may be no postings from me for several days in the event we lose electricity, internet or both. I am planning on getting in the habit of turning everything off to conserve the battery and we will be madly charging up everything tonight and Friday to insure the battery’s are all full.

Christmas is providing the opportunity for my somewhat odd liking for “cutting up boxes”. I like nothing better than getting a “box knife” and cutting up boxes for recycling. Rather an odd, and for logical reasons, intermittent, hobby.

I enjoy the actual actions in cutting up the boxes and then trying to figure out how much cardboard I can get into the recycling cart to maximize the usage! I am amazed at how much I can get into a recycling cart.

It is nice to have the big (95 gallon?) “single steam” carts for recycling. We fill one up every two weeks.

Hoping for the wind to blow the incoming storm elsewhere, or better yet, for the temperature to increase a few degrees so it is just rain!

That’s it for now, Thursday, January 12, 2017.


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