2017 Winter January 13 Friday

30 degrees this morning. No walk, freezing rain coming in.

It has been a strange several days as people wait for the freezing rain to come in. Wasn’t in any of the grocery stores etc., but understand they were packed! However last night was very light and traffic was almost non-existent where normally it would be busy on a Thursday night.

Just turned off “Mad Money” in disgust at the way Jim Cramer has turned into such a wet sucking rag for the lying bully, in anticipation of his policies making some quick money for some businesses, even though it will be a disaster for the country and citizens.

To say the least, I am disgusted by Jim Cramer and can’t hardly stand watching his show or CNBC for the way they sucked up to the lying bully’s policies without any ethical or other considerations at all.

The lying bully’s actions recently have been disgusting to say the least, blatant attempts to nuzzle the press, intimidate private businesses etc. Seems to go against what they are “supposed” to be for.

I am going to try to limit my comments on that, but the lying bully stands against almost anything I have learned or believe in about ethics, free speech, and the American system of politics and it is hard not to say something, especially when business people suck up as a chance to make some money (they might be surprised!) without any consideration of ethics or the effects of the policies.

I certainly will never vote and will do what I can to defeat the Senators and Representatives who are mindlessly voting to support the lying bully in an attempt to get what they want without consideration for the residents. A poor example of demagoguery and pandering to the lowest level of human behavior. (I was going to say animal, but that would be an insult to animals.)

It is early Friday morning, but by Thursday afternoon, they had already closed the schools, declared today to be a “snow day” etc. and declared a State of Emergency for the state.

Even if they are wrong, I feel they did the right thing!

Although we have a “snow day”, since my office is at home, I have to continue working, which is fair enough. Of course, it also means there won’t be anyone for us to call etc., since everyone else is off work! I’m not sure what we do if the electric goes off, since all of our work is either on the computer or phone or actual visits etc. Give me a chance catch up on filing etc. I guess!

I have learned the benefits of paying with my Apple Watch, but for some reason haven’t yet mastered “ordering ahead” with my iPhone or Watch. Maybe because I really don’t care that much, but it would be nice to “order ahead” when Starbucks is busy.

I assume a lot of restaurants do it, but the other day I noted that I can now go into Panara Bread, go to my table and order from an app, without having to stand in line. (They also have “remote” stations where you can order on an iPad etc.).

That actually makes a lot of sense, at least in this type of restaurant. The one “problem” (ha ha) with Panara Bread is that you get a pastry for .99 (such as a large, delicious cinnamon roll!)

I think this type of ordering makes sense, but it is just like grocery stores, the “remote checkout” may make sense but you still want the human checkout available Actually, I hate the “remote checkout” in grocery stores and almost never use them, but they do make sense. It is just they don’t always work.

As I mentioned before, obviously there will be no posting this weekend if electricity and/or internet is not available!

That’s it for today, Friday, January 13, 2017.


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