2017 Winter January 14 Saturday


30 degrees this morning, No walk (ice)

Light ice cover this morning, from what I can tell anyway. More coming in most of the day.

Actually yesterday nothing much happened as far as freezing rain etc., thank goodness. Although there were a comments about a”dud” and “where is the ice” etc., I think the persons in charge made the right decisions to close schools etc. to avoid putting anyone in danger.

It is always easier (and more fun) to sit around and yip and laugh about someone’s decisions, and it is definitely harder to be in a decision making capacity.

Notice I said “harder” not more “stressful”. I find it is more stressful to not be in a decision making capacity and have to live with the decisions of someone else, especially if you have little or no effective input into the decision making process.

The decision making process is interesting, there is never really “enough” information to make a “good” decision. There is some point where you have “enough” information to make decision, but there alas could be one piece of information that would change your decision!

The book “The Undoing Project” bought some more aspects into it, although in my opinion (for the most part) it involved the types of decisions you make on the fly, when you don’t really have time to much more than make a decision because a decision has to be made.

This is the time I should be getting my “round tu it” items, projects I’m going to to do when I get a “round tu it”.

Somehow it seems the busier you are the more you get done.

Years ago, I got a round wooden item with the words “Tu It” on it (or maybe “To It”. A round “Tu It”. Not a great joke, but it definitely caught in my memory!

Tax time is coming soon. I was surprised to get my first “earnings statement” of the tax year and realized it was time to think about getting started.

I always kind of enjoy doing taxes, although I resent the time it takes to do them, they should be a lot simpler.

I have the “home office” deduction this year, which should be interesting, or maybe so complex it is hardly worth it.

The tax software has obviously changed the way I do my taxes, a lot of the menial work isn’t there anymore. The big problem is the software has limitations on the individual situation

Of course the most annoying thing about Turbo-tax (like Amazon) is their continued emphasis on trying to get one more penny out of you at every turn. I have learned to “just say no”.

Ice is on the ground now, so we’ll see how bad it gets as he day progresses. One of those “at home” days when you just seem to be waiting, in this case for the electrify to go off, or maybe the better way of putting it, is hoping the electricity doesn’t go off!

I’ll get this posted while I still have electricity and internet!

That’s it for now, Saturday, January 14, 2017.


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