2017 Winter January 17 Tuesday

36 degrees this morning, walk 36:38 minutes

Good to get back into the “walk” again this morning. I didn’t try to set a high pace just finish the walk, and my pace was a hair below (faster than) the “old average”.

After I am out for awhile and don’t walk, I always worry about how I will do, but fortunately I slip right back into the routine.

Rejoined listening to my book about Science Fiction. It is strange to hear about all of the Science Fiction of the 80’s and 90’s and wonder “where was I” or maybe “where was my head” that I wasn’t aware, other than very vaguely, aware of the changes in Science Fiction, although I’m not sure I ever heard of “Steampunk”.

Steampunk is basically using steam powered, or at least very vintage technology combined with new technology (perhaps a steam powered computer). However a brief review of it in Google indicates it was changed wildly to even including “old” technology such as something 20 years old (the newest I saw).

There are “steampunk workshops” where people display different technologies working in one unit (a welder powered by a 1945 engine etc.), which indicates “steampunk” has gotten well away from steam.

Anyway, i am amazed that this is the first I have, at least consciously, heard of it. I am sure now I will see all kinds of references to it.

Probably the most extreme science fiction book I’ve read in the past 20 years is “Snow Crash”, which I enjoyed.

I’m not so surprised that I didn’t read a lot of the “Cyberpunk” or other Science Fiction, I am surprised I didn’t hear about it. Of course a lot of it is the “same old, same old” with new names and somebody trying to market something.

Are really reading into “Nobody’s Fool”, even though I accidentally saw a “spoiler” or two.

I could never watch the movie after reading the book. No matter how good it is, I just usually can’t watch the movie after reading the book. Actually, I did see “Girl on a Train” after listening to the book and probably enjoyed the movie a lot more for having read/listened to the book.

Of course, I probably wouldn’t have gone to see the movie if I hadn’t read the book.

I remember reading “Cool Hand Luke” and I didn’t like the movie because the book had basically ruined the movie for me. I guess it works both ways.

I might try to watch “Nobody’s Fool” some time just to see what I think after I finish the book.

Back to work after a period of several weeks of “short weeks” (Christmas, New Year, sick one day last week, and Martin Luther King Holiday this week), although this will be a “short week” also.

Trying to get the New York Times Feed my blog again, strange how you forget how to do something unless you do it fairly often.

That’s it for now, Tuesday, January 17, 2017.


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