2017 Winter January 21 Saturday


41 degrees this morning, walk 34:11 minutes

Seemed colder than 41 degrees this morning, but also pace was much faster (about 45 seconds per miles faster). Maybe not a lot, but it hopefully means I am getting back into walking.

Listening to the book on Alan Turing. So far, it is hard to pay attention, in fact it is boring. I hope it improves soon. The author seems to want to do an exhaustive history of his family tree, which may be part a good biography, but my mind wanders!I

My random thoughts are more interesting than the book is so far, but I expect it will start to be more interesting. If not, I have plenty of others to listen to.

The “foreword” was very interesting. Some of the ideas it bought up is “can something that exists only on “fixed rules”, such as a computer really be creative?”

That is a good question for human beings also, such many “creative” ideas are the result of not following the fixed rules, but fixed rules also exist for a reason (at least I assume they do).

I assume it also brings up the question if a computer can ever really “self learn”, outside of fixed rules of “self learning” that is instilled into the computer.

He also mentions questions if a computer can fall in love, have true feelings, have ethics etc.

The city I live in is considering allowing “chickens” in residential areas. Probably will be something that I attend my first council meeting on. The idea of allowing a barnyard animal in a residential area is ridiculous to say the least.

The Ordinance says that roosters are prohibited, but the Facebook page by the chicken ordinance supporters already brags about violating the ban on roosters so why would they bother complying with the ban on roosters?

This city still operates like a small town, and I just found out by accident the “chicken ordinance” is even being considered, they like to keep things quiet and there is no real press coverage.

Probably it will sneak though, just like the YMCA “public/private” partnership that turned out to be only for they YMCA to make money.

On the same type of subject, just read where the “wind industry” that rips off the state taxpayers for $100 MILLION dollars a year was the highest lobbyist contributor! Seems to be some relationship there!

Nothing against the “wind industry” but I think if they check it out, they will find they are already heavily subsidized by being able to force regular utilities to purchase their electricity at the “avoided costs” rate (what it would cost the utility to generate electricity by gas or coal) so they already are heavily subsidized.

They should be required to stand on their own, like any industry, much less double dipping by ripping off state taxpayers as well as utilities.

Overall I think I try to maintain a positive outlook, but sometimes it is difficult.

That’s it for now, Saturday, January 21, 2017.


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