2017 Winter January 22 Sunday

46 degrees this morning, walk 35:10 minutes

Rain during night, supposed to be more coming in, but none during walk.

Finished “Nobody’s Fool”. I don’t know if I really did the last part justice, it was a good story, but I just don’t have the time or patience to read that long of that kind of a fiction book anymore.

I am definitely not going to even try to read “Everybody’s Fool”, which apparently is just as good or even better.

It actually was a very interesting book, it was just that everyone moved so slow, i could only read it if I bought the book and read it periodically until I finished it, probably over a period of months. However, I don’t really want to take the time.

The book I am listening to on Turing is getting slightly more interesting. He is now in school, where the Headmaster recognizes his genius, but tries to discourage him while he learns basic math.

I can imagine that it is the kind of schools that the extortionist from Michigan loves to destroy education with. Soon to be on the national level unless congress develops some courage and refuses to allow her to destroy the national education system like she did Michigans.

I was shocked to find that she had contributed a lot of money to some candidates, in this state of course literally destroying their opponents as she threw (tax free) month at attempting to develop vouches for her insane theory on education and help out her extremist theories on education that have been proven to be simply wrong.

She has already destroyed both the pubic and private school systems in Michigan by bribery and extortion and that should be enough of a warning.

The lying bully is getting caught in all kinds of fantasy lies now. I am amazed his press secretary is either stupid enough or unethical enough to try to say he isn’t simply lying. Inauguration pictures showing attendance hardly lie!

What is scary is the number of people who go along with his absolute lies and his obviously being out of touch with any kind of reality. A real psycho. And in charge of the nuclear system, really scary. He obviously has no concept of reality.

By the way, I was incorrect in my comments that the Wall Street Journal had a story about “body language” that obviously violated discrimination laws. It was the local newspaper, that should have known better also.

Probably was a “infostory”, someone sent a press release, or it was really a paid ad. The Consultant should be sued to employment discrimination, and probably will be in the near future if they haven’t been already. The idea that they reject an applicant because of the way they sip their coffee or look or shake your hand is absolutely incompetence.

Since it is January 22, I should shortly be receiving the tax items I need to start doing our tax return for the year. To some degree I enjoy doing it and I do know I enjoy getting it done!

That’s it for today, Sunday, January 22, 2017


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