2017 Winter January 23 Monday

33 degrees this morning walk 35:07 minutes

Not as cold feeling as I expected 33 degrees to be this morning. Pace was moderate, around the “new average”.

Overall quiet weekend.

Thinking some more about “battery” power for houses and cars etc., we are looking at some furniture that could have some electrical functions. Some of them were “battery” powered, which kind of supports the theory (in a small way) that eventually I think we wlll simply buy a battery pack and run our home electricity off of that.

It makes a lot of sense . I would eliminate the dangers inherent in electrical wires running to the house, basically eliminate storm outages etc. and save a lot of time and effort.

Also, since it would probably make it cost feasible to have an “all electric” house, it would also eliminate the dangerous natural gas lines.

The batteries still could be “charged” up with natural gas generators etc, or however they charge batteries up.

Of course this could tie in some with solar power also, but making batteries the could be charged by solar.

Makes a lot of sense, if you think about it. Maybe instead of subsidizing wind power, solar power and oil exploration, they should subsidize battery development. I think the returns will be a lot more rewarding.

I have to admit, I am sold on electric cars, or at lest hybrid cars. They have a lot better pickup and obviously are less polluting and use a lot less gas.

It seems that they could take the same technology for car batteries and extend it for batteries to operate houses.

Went through a large number of my “pens” (writing pens that I have picked up over the years) and sorted them out into the ones that “work” that the ones that are dried out. I will try to “heat” them and if that doesn’t work, throw them away.

Another step in the direction of making my life ore minimal, although I expect I will never have a minimal life as cut (as far as possessions go).

However, it has gotten a lot better than it was, as I go through things and are starting to sort through items and either give them away or throw them out, even use them!

I have started taking pictures of my old hats (preparing to dispose of them), although I still am not real please with my pictures.

I did realize I could use the # to categorize my collection, I just use # for hot wheels, and will use one for my hats and one for my t-shirts. That way, I can have a record of them and feel comfortable in disposing of them.

Start of another week, this will actually be the first “full” five day week I will work since the week before Christmas.

Plan attending the City Council meeting on the “Chicken Ordinance” tonight. More on that later.

That’s it for now, Monday, January 23, 2017.


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