2017 Winter January 24 Tuesday

47 degrees this morning,Walk 35:04 minutes

Seemed like a “cool” 47 degrees this morning. “Pace” was about at the “new average”.

Went to the City Council meeting last night to express my feelings on “chickens” in residential areas. I actually enjoyed it.

I had a hard time with the “chicken supporters” who tried to equate chickens with dogs. There is simply a major difference. A dog is not a chicken, a chicken is a barnyard animal.

I don’t have any problem with chickens on large lots (if properly maintained), but small lots….

Also, the real estate agents who complained people wouldn’t buy houses here because they “couldn’t have chickens”, neglected to mention the people who wouldn’t buy because there was chickens next door.

I am sure that 90% of the people with chickens take care of them etc., but somehow the 10% always live next door to you!

Anyway, I didn’t realize how much I missed the City experience until I went to the meeting and observed the process. As long as you don’t have some extremist nut as Mayor etc., the process normally works well.

Speaking of batteries, I have a number of Apply products, some going back almost 10 years, and the batteries are still good. It seems that the technology is there to build long-term batteries, maybe not batteries large enough to run houses.

Of course, my current personal cell phone just went over 2 years and I think the battery is going out. It is the one Apple product I haven’t purchased from Apple (I purchased it from the carrier). I have to wonder about that. I can’t believe they used different batteries.

I just noted where China shut down 111 golf courses as the “millionaires sport”. It just popped up on my phone, so I don’t really have their rationale for it.

It caught my attention because the gold course near us (not in our addition) suddenly shut down and now the persons who bought houses on the golf course are justly concerned about what is going to go there in the place of a golf course!

From some information I worked on several years ago, I know that golf is a dying sport anyway (so to speak), so Chine may be using the excuse of “millionaires” sport to justify correcting some massive mistake someone made in overbuilding golf courses.

I have never really had the patience to play golf and I think that is one reason it is decreasing so much, just too many other things for people to do and it takes way too long to play.

I don’t have anything against golf, I expect it is good exercise and helps maintain coordination etc. I just think it is going to have to change if it is going to survive. It will be interesting to see the reason for China’s decision other than the excuse it is a “millionaires sport”. I expect 111 golf courses is a drop in the bucket of the total number of golf courses in China.

However, the trend for years has been for golf decreasing and I don’t expect that to change until they speed up the game.

Rather a shock to write “January 24” and realize February 2017 is almost here.

That’s it for now, Tuesday, January 24, 2017.


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