2017 Winter January 25 Wednesday

37 degrees this morning (feels like 28), Walk 35:27 minutes

Colder weather is here. I really had one of those mornings where I wasn’t looking forward to walking, especially when I saw the temperature and wind, but I ended up enjoying it, although my pace was off.

Listening to the book on Alan Turing, it is still mired in details about his early life, which I assume is important to understanding him, but the detail can get rather slow going and difficult to pay attention to while listening. Maybe reading would be easier. Or not.

Anyway, I am going to keep plugging along. He was an important enough contributor that I’d like to know more about him, perhaps not in that detail.

I really enjoyed the book by Tim Washburn “Powerless”. I was looking forward to reading his second book “Cataclysm”, but after several chapters gave up. It was just too jumpy, and didn’t really seem to come together, plus I was having a problem with understanding the characters.

For several reasons, I really wanted (and expected) to enjoy the book. First, I really enjoyed his first book and second, he lives in the same City I live in. I may give it one more shot, but I was in total confusion about what was happening, so I doubt it.

Sometimes your frame of mind make a difference in whether you like a book, so maybe I will give it one more try.

I checked out “Everybody’s Fool”. I am trying to not be tempted to start reading it (I actually read the first few pages last night and was, again, drawn into the story). However, I’m just not sure I really have the time and patience to read it, as good as it is.

In regard to the book “Cataclysm”, unfortunately it is not unusual for an writer to have a great first book and then the second book be a disappointment. I think of the book as being “disjointed”.

Just thinking, the other night when I appeared before the City Council was the first time I have ever actually appeared before a City Council about an issue which was a personal appearance. In my career, I probably attended over (a very rough estimate) at least 1500 City Council/City Commission meetings (and probably twice that for other meetings) and this is my first time to appear as a citizen!

“Upgraded” our cable tv system yesterday (no extra charge except for the installation fee). We are in the “learning curve” and will probably be for awhile! It has a lot of neat features, I’m sure we will enjoy it. The “boxes” don’t have a clock, which is a real disappointment.

The lying bully is really starting to worry me. Wasting money on a “wall across Mexico” is an exercise in futility and wasted money and strictly an egotistical project on his part. Hopefully congress will develop some courage and stop it.

They sure haven’t showed any sign of courage yet, in spite of his lies and psycho paranoid actions.

We are very concerned about earthquakes with what essentially is a career criminal in charge of the EPA. He ripped off Oklahoma for years, taking money from the very people he was supposed to regulate, leasing luxury office space and wasting huge sums on “outside attorneys”.

I guess he belongs in washington D.C with the lying bully and his lying cronies whose only concern is lying about the size of the crowds or berating the news media for telling the truth and wasting money on “show”.

We expect the earthquakes to substantially increase as the oil companies are allowed to do what they want. Hopefully enough people will protest, but I don’t have a lot of hopes for it.

That’s it for now, Wednesday, January 25, 2017.


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