2017 Winter January 27 Friday

27 degrees this morning, walk 34;52 minutes

Walk was relatively warm in spite of the temperature. “Warm” of course, not to mean “warm” in the regular sense, but it was a “warm 27 degrees”, if you know what I mean.

Pace was about the “new average”. In cold weather, I just try to complete the walk, I don’t worry about the time too much. I don’t worry about the time anyway, but some walks I do try to make better time, but not in weather like this.

Maybe this spring, when I can just wear shorts and a t-shirt (it makes a huge difference in the amount of “prep” time you take), I can try to lower my average.

I would like to lower my average by one minute a mile, which would be kind of a threshold, or a “magic number” that I could try to achieve every time. However I don’t want to try too hard in cold weather, since my “exercise induced asthma” kicks i in cold weather a lot faster than in warm weather).

Sometimes I think the light, lingering cold of Spring is even worse than the hard cold of Winter.

Stopped by Starbucks last night, and, amazingly enough, in a very unbusy time, they lost my order. At first I thought they were just trying to get the “drive thru” taken care of, but then I realized people were coming in after me and getting their order.

We have very uncomplicated orders, so I asked and was advised somehow the computer had lost my order! In all fairness they offered me something to eat to make up for it (I didn’t take it, let them feel guilty!)

It is the closest Starbucks to us, so I know that isn’t normal service there.

What is so interesting is that when we passed the Starbucks on the way out, for the first time ever (it was built about 4 months ago), there was no one in the drive thru and almost no-one in the store.

That is highly unusual, since this Starbucks is normally packed, with about 10 cars (literally) in the drive thru and the parking lot full, with maybe one or two spaces available.

On the way back it was busier, but not that busy.

Our theory is that the sudden lack of customers put the personnel in a “non-work” mode and it was difficult to get into the swing of a lot of customers again. (I didn’t think that happened to computers, which is what lost my order, but….)

I can think of times when I had the same basic thing happen to me and I just wasn’t in a “working” mode.

I would have been a lot more upset if the delay was because they were giving priority to the drive thru. I don’t like drive thru’s, and don’t (or rarely) use them. On the other hand, I am glad they are there so I won’t have to fight the traffic inside!

When we first moved to Memphis, Aliene and I took an Accounting course at the local community college, and on the way to class we would stop and get coffee, which probably was the only way I stayed awake! We did use the drive thru and I could see the reason for it. However, otherwise, I have no use for drive thru’s!

I think part of it is I have a slight case of Claustrophobia and I hate to be in a line with no escape. I was at a dinner one time with about 20 people and I was in a booth with no escape and I had to breathe deep to get through the dinner.

I just realized, I probably have Cleithrophobia (fear of being trapped), not Claustrophobia (fear of tight spaces)! The wonders of google! (I looked up the spelling of Claustrophobia and found that Cleithrophobia is frequently the case rather than Claustrophobia.)

It must b true because Cleithrophobia isn’t in the computer dictionary!

That’s it for now, Friday, January 27, 2017.


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