2017 Winter January 28 Saturday


35 degrees this morning. Walk 35:27 minutes

A little slow this morning, pace was slightly above average (about 17 seconds per mile) moe , but I am just glad to be able to walk!

Weekend is here! It is always a surprise that the “work week” goes so fast.

Probably will purchase some new “walking shoes” in the near future. It is always a tough decision even when technically I have 30 days to return them “in any condition and for any reason”.

I use the “new” walking shoes only for my morning walk, so I know I will be spending approximately the next 6 months wearing them for my morning walk. I “retire” the walking shoes for causal use.

I bought my very first pair of “real” walking shoes (read expensive!) after the foot doctor basically told me my alternative was to buy better shoes or prepare fo an operation that would be painful and off my feet for six weeks or so.

The decision wasn’t hard to make! They are now “permanently retired” an I no longer use them and will toss them.

My second pair are still good for causal wear and are holding up good. They are the “Brooks 13” and then my current ones are the “Brooks 14’”. I was kind hoping I could keep using these until the “15” came out, but I can’t do it this time.

The third pair will be “retired” to casual use after I purchase the new walking shoes. ad

I have been using a local exercise shoe store. As long as I get the owner to help me (or if he is there, since he takes an interest) I am relatively sure I am getting good advice. the problem is when he isn’t there and he has some well-meaning perhaps help who seems to assume I know a lot more than what I know. I figure I”ll just leave in that case.
Probably the biggest hinderance to making a decision and buy someone like that (shoes, shirts, suits, cars etc.) is the realization you’re going to have to live with it for awhile so I always try to think carefully before I buy anything like that.

My first recorded dream of 2017.

1-27-17 Dream

Doing some research in a hotel, kind of like on an arch bridge.

I had ridden my bicycle down the street and thought I was going onto a “through street” unit I realized it was an hotel entrance with only one exit.

A “doorman” turned into a statute as I approached, and then asked if I was checking in..

I went down a long hill to the arch bridge where I stopped. Someone else stopped and started doing research also.

It was a medieval type of hotel and bridge.

Prior to that, I was riding my bicycle, don’t recall anything else.

That’s’ it for today, Saturday, January 28, 2017.


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