2017 Winter January 29 Sunday

42 degrees this morning, Walk 35:03 minutes

A “cold” 42 degrees this morning, pace was above average (slower than my stated “average” by 17 seconds per mile).

The book on Alan Turing has finally started on his achievements. This mentioned his analysis of the typewriter as kind of a basis for his thinking. My mind kind of wandered on some of the book it is not written in a reader (or at least listener) friendly manner. I am going to have to go into the mode of consciously listening or I probably will miss some of the main points of the book!

The lying bully and his incompetent, lying cronies are ever worse then I expected. I fully expect the national government to dissolve into a mass of chaos, until the lying bully is either impeached or removed for his obvious serious mental illness.

What is really disturbing is all of the incompetents and even criminals (such as the person he wants to run the EPA who has plundered the state where he was Attorney General and even accepted basically bribes from the groups he was supposed to “regulate”) he appointed to key positions and the way the congress doesn’t have the courage to confront him and refuse to consider the incompetent appointees. A bunch of you know whats (I won’t use the term here).

Probably what is even more distrusting is the failure of the “news media” to call a “lie” a “lie”. The failure of the news media is especially disturbing since they are basically our defense against corruption and lying.

If the career criminal is appointed to the EPA, I expect our house will be destroyed by an earthquake in the future as he lets his pet energy companies run wild and do what they want.

I find it very disturbing that the people around the lying bully obviously have no control over what is basically a very mentally ill lying bully who has the mental age of a 2 year old, and that comparison isn’t fair to the two year old. Add in the fact he is an obvious bigot, a racist, ignorant and only surrounds himself with “yes people” who only praise him, makes it very scary.

Than, of course, add in a gutless congress who an only think of how they use him and don’t have the courage to confront his obvious lies and illegal actions and it gets really scary.

I think many of the protestors do have the right idea to run for office etc., but even that gives two years of actions by a mentally ill lying bully with a congress kowtowing to him in the worst possible sense. (That is the politest word I could think of for the gutless politicians.)

Another dream. I read recently that the way to remember your dreams was to drink three glasses of water before you go to bed, keep a pad and pencil near you and say “i will remember my dreams” three times! They had some other observations also, about how fleeting dreams are.

I have to use my computer because pen and pencil are too slow, and I think I’ll pass on drinking three glasses of water before I go to bed.

Of closure, most of the dreams I remember are from my naps.

1-27-17 Dream

Doing some research in a hotel, kind of like on an arch bridge.

I had ridden my bicycle down the street and thought I was going onto a “through street” unit I realized it was an hotel entrance with only one exit.

A “doorman” turned into a statute as I approached, and then asked if I was checking in. He didn’t seem to see anything unusual that I had ridden in on a bicycle.

I went down a long hill to the arch bridge where I stopped. Someone else stopped and started doing research also.

It was a medieval type of hotel and bridge.

Prior to that, I was riding my bicycle, don’t recall anything else.

Not sure what city or site the dream was in, maybe an area by the river in Knoxville, or maybe just a “dream” site!

That’s it for now, Sunday, January 29, 2017


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