2017 Winter January 30 Monday

35 degrees this morning, walk 36:01

Not real bad this morning, walked slower than normal for some reason.

Reading “Dark Matter” by Blake Crouch. It caught my attention, even though from reading the plot I wasn’t sure if I would like it.

Anyway, it did watch my attention and I am reading it whenever I have time. I really haven’t gotten all that far into it yet, but it seems to concern “alternative universes”.

It seems to be a concept that each of us have several different lives that we live based on “could be” type of situations.

For example, right now the main role in the novel realizes he is living in one universe as a professor in a small college, his wife was an artist and didn’t pursue it due to family and they have one son.

In the other universe, he is a highly acclaimed scientist and his wife continued her artist work and is a well-known artist.

In this universe, they broke up 15 years ago, rather than getting married.

Of course the plot is he becomes aware of the other universe and people are after him for whatever reason.

So far, it is a fascinating book.

I am not really a big fan of “alternative history” books in that I don’t bother to read them. By “alternative history” , I mean novels that assume Lincoln wasn’t killed (or Kennedy etc.), or that the Nazi’s won WWII etc.

Of course, considering our current situation, it is too bad we can’t live in an “alternative world” of someone qualified winning the presidential election.

On the other hand maybe those stories of a “sleeper spy” that science fiction always wrote about was true, where someone was bought to America as a child and was “activated” at the right time to try to destroy the United States.

Another dream to report on :
1-29-17 Sunday

Disturbing dream that I was stopped by two very nice people who advised me I had been driving like I was asleep.

They asked me about it, I said I was “tired’, and they went into the house. (I assumed was my house which why I’m not sure about this.

I took stuff out of the car and wondered where my car was and where the couples car was. (Only could see one car.)

I thought about steps to curb sleepiness.

Seemed to have something to do with work.

The couple came out and I woke up, very glad it was a dream.

Not sure about the car, never did figure that out.

The house was not a house I remember, kind of a generic house I see in a lot of neighborhoods.

This dream does have some basis in fact in that I do tend to get “the sleepies”, although once I take a short nap (even just close my eyes) I am find. I have learned take “preventive naps” that help a lot as well as some other actors.

That’s it for now, Monday, January 30 2017.


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