2017 Winter January 31 Tuesday


43 degrees this morning, walk 35:22 minutes

Rather strange this morning, my iPhone app said 43 degrees, my iWatch said 50 degrees, quite a difference! (Normally they are within a degree or two at the most).

Getting used to the iWatch, it is becoming like the iPhone, I really wonder how I ever got along without it. I feel a little guilty about not wearing my other watches more, but….

Now that I am used to the basic iWatch functions, I plan on expanding a little and seeing what else it can do. It is probably like the iPhone, it does a lot of things that you don’t even think about until you learn about them and start using them.

Discussion on “Urban Chickens” makes me wonder if people really realize what they are getting into with chickens. Proponents keep pushing how chickens are similar to dogs and cats, and my experience says it just isn’t so!

Listening to the book on Alan Turing. It is starting to get more interesting as it gets into his work on computers. It is interesting to note that when he was working on what we now call “computers”, he termed a “machine that would do computing” and didn’t actually call it a computer.

It is interesting to read/listen about the genius’s of each generation and wonder how they would have been in another generation. For example Turing, Tesla and Jobs in the same generation!

Of course, looking at them, each of them also had the right environment, who knows what would have happened if they had been in a different environment. Also, who knows what they could have achieved without some of the limitations they either had or placed on themselves.

January is over today. That means one more month of “winter’, and then another 2 1/2 months before Summer as such gets here.

At least February is a “short” month, although I doubt that the weather pays too much attention to the calendar.

Of course, March can still have some nasty winter winter and April and May can bring weather of a different sort, such as tornadoes

The hardest part of any Spring is enduring the chilly weather of March, April and even the first part of May. It isn’t cold, and there is even a lot of wonderful warm weather, but that nasty little chill just kind of hangs around, using until mid-May. Waiting can be so difficult then!

Another month also means we start towards the 3 year mark since we have moved here and I have started my current job. It seems like such a short time, yet it feels like such a long time.

Just thinking this morning, one of the advantages of not being “in charge” of anything (other than your daily life and your work load, but not in charge of other people or major projects) is that you can complain all you want! It may not do any good since you aren’t in a position to change anything, but you don’t have to defend anything!

i always like being where I could get things done, and I still do, but I also find there is a certain enjoyment in being able to freely complain without having to worry about the details of how to take action to reach and maintain goals.

Not that I wouldn’t be glad to give advice if asked!

That’s it for not Tuesday, January 31, 2017.


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