2017 Winter February 1 Wednesday

40 degrees this morning, walk 35:57 minutes

Again 40 degrees seemed cold this morning. Walk was about the “old average”, meaning I am walking at a reasonably slow pace, but…. at least I’m walking.

Listening to a book on Alan Turing. It is getting to a part where he is starting to make his mark. It is still a little challenging for my mind not to wander. I have about 22 hours more to go, so I had better learn to pay attention!

Soon (the 17th) we will have been in this house for a year. We are pleased with our decision, although the house is at an age (about 13 years old) when things start wearing out, but that is just one of those things. It is a lot more and better house than we had before regardless of the age.

Working on my “Urban Chicken” presentation. Learned a few weird things I probably kind of knew, but I still was surprised.

One surprise was that chickens start laying eggs at six months and then don’t lay eggs after they are around two years old. Since they live until about ten years old, that is about 8 years when they aren’t laying eggs.

It makes me wonder what all of the people who buy chickens for the “fresh eggs” are going to do with the chickens after they quit laying eggs?

I don’t remember what we did with chickens after they quit laying eggs on the farm when I was growing up, but I have a feeling that I know.

Another interesting fact is that “gender identification” is difficult on baby chicks and about 5% of “chickens” grow up to be “roosters”. Since roosters are illegal, people will need to make some sort of provision for humanely (I hope) getting rid of the roosters.

I think another thing is the supporters greatly underestimate the work required to maintain chickens and the varmints and snakes they will attract etc.

I can remember when i was a kid seeing snakes who loved eggs and they would have a big old lump where they had swallowed an egg and were digesting it.

My iWatch battery is always around 60 or 70% full when I charge it. I am thinking I don’t know why it wouldn’t go at least two days on a charge, but my main problem is remembering when I have charged it up!

I went two days once, and it was down to 30%, but you think of it, that is still 1/3 of the total charge left.

Another dream

1-31-17: Tuesday

Strange dream, dreamed I was working at my regular job in a fair grounds type area, where I lost my car. As the day wound down, I finally panicked and reported it as missing car to the fairgrounds office.

The gentlemen who took the report laughed and said he would find it after asking detailed questions and commenting about the different aspects of Toyota Camry’s.

That was when the dream ended.

Before that the dream had incredible vivid dreams of my actual work and how I would actually think in a case like that, including that I probably had to take an hour as “not worked” and noted “looking for lost car” on the activity sheet.

It is alway amazing how dreams and reality are so close together sometimes.

That’s it for now, Wednesday, February 1, 2017.


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