2017 Winter February 2 Thursday


31 degrees (“feels like” 18 degrees), walk 36:17 minutes

Wind was definitely a factor on the walk this morning. My walk can vary by about .06 of a mile, not quite sure why.

If my calculations are correct, that is about 318 feet. Although the actual variance is much smaller each day, over time, my walk can vary by that much. I assume it is the way I walk around the corners and coves and especially where I reverse to make my return trip.

2nd of the month, always reminds me of the time we have lived in this area since we moved (2 years 8 months, and the time I have worked on this job (2 years 6 months). As I have probably mentioned often, it seems like a long time and yet such a short time.

Definitely a different world in many ways.

I am really “into” the book I am reading, (Dark Matter). It is an interesting idea, that every time we made a decision, a new “universe” develops,. In his book, the “old universe” continues, while the “new universe” is created, with infinite universes that can be created.

In a way, it makes sense, except it seems like you would have millions of universes in just one day, although I assume there is some sort of criteria for when a “new universe” is created.

Time to suspend rationale thinking while reading the book, I expect!

In the book all of these universes exist and a group develops a machine so a person can “transport” between the “multiverses”.

In the story, the “hero” (i guess you would call him that) is literally conked on the head and replaced by another “version” of him who realized he had made the wrong decisions in he past and wants “his life”.

I don’t pretend to be a good book reviewer, but it is a good book if you like that kind of book.

It raises thoughts about all of the “what if’s” in life, which there are a lot of!

Glad today is Thursday, looking forward to the weekend. I am going to try to remember, the next week there is a violin performance of “the Four Seasons” locally that I need to try to see. I have wanted to see a live performance for a long time and this just popped up as a squibb in the paper.. No charge even, although “donations” are accepted. I really wish they would just have a charge or at least a “suggested donation”.

Anyway, I am looking forward to it, they have an 18 string orchestra (?) which should be really nice.

As far as the Super Bowl, I have to admit neither team is my favorite and I wouldn’t even watch them on tv if it wasn’t the Super Bowl. I can’t count the number of Super Bowls I have fallen asleep through!

Happened to note some of the effects of the lying bully this morning. Apparently, after only 10 days in office, he has managed to make enemies of former friendly countries, including Mexico and Australia.

I hope the countries will realize this is an aberration and hopefully the republicans will develop some backbone and quit allowing him to run over them.

The lack of courage to reject some of the more obvious incompetents (such as the EPA appointment, who plundered Oklahoma and is basically a career criminal and the nut who he appointed for education). Surely they recognize they are incompetent and dangerous.

What is really scary is the apparent feeling that the group of the lying bullies cronies apparently feel they run a dictatorship, it certainly appears there are a motley crew of thugs, Nazi’s, and certainly a lot of liars who aren’t in touch with reality.

It is really scary As I note in my twitter comments, #ThankGoodness4theNYT.

That’s it for now, Thursday, February 2, 2017.


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