2017 Winter February 3 Friday

26 degrees this morning, walk 36:17 minutes

I am always amazed that the “states rights” people seem to be the first to want to use the power of the federal government to impose their beliefs on individuals without regard to any “states rights”.

While I realize the lying bully his incompetent/criminal/Nazi appointees are extremes (including wanting to punish news medial for not firing journalists who don’t praise them), it seems to be a common rule.

Not that all political sides don’t try to use federal funding or power to influence behavior, I certainly saw that when I administrated federal grants for cities

However, the lying bully and his clowns are really trying to stifle any dissent, almost to the point of a 3rd world banana republic, or I should say the stereotype of a 3rd world banana republic, since I doubt if there is such a thing.

In the case of the lying bully, he also has some really extreme, incompetent, unqualified appointees, who feel their extreme beliefs are the only right ones.

Of course the lying bully’s first priority is to get rid of regulations so his buddies (and him) can resume plundering the American public.

Not that there aren’t excessive regulations, but, businesses and organizations have hardly indicated they can be trusted.

I am really concerned how it will end, i assume at some point congress will develop some backbone (or have satiated their greed) and realize the extreme dangers and instability of the lying bully and his clowns and push back.

Friday is here. One thing I really like about my job is the variety. I enjoy the “Field Days” and I enjoy the “Office Days” Today is an “Office Day”, which means I can catch up on the paperwork from the two “Field Days”.

Another dream, doesn’t really make any sense, but I like write them down.

2-2-17: Thursday

Dreamed I was “day living” in a Dollar General or something like that.

I would change clothes there and park my car on the lot which was a fenced in lot for some reasons

One night, i went to the car and got started too late, after 10p.m. I realized I’d need to walk home.

I found all my clothes, etc. that I had left the Dollar General (I guess I left the in the restroom or something.

Anyway, I started to walk home and found my clothes I had changed out of o the parking lot. Apparently the store knew what I was doing and found the clothes and throw them on the parking lot since they were left in the store. Normally I would take hem with me at night before the store closed.

Doesn’t make sense, but it was a dream

Woke up after finding my clothes on the parking lot ground.

That’s it for now, Friday, February 3, 2017.


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