2017 Winter February 7 Tuesday


55 degrees this morning, walk 36:04 minutes, pace about 34 seconds per mile slower than average.

Walk this morning was hard to dress for! It reached 76 degrees yesterday, which was nice. For some reason my pace was off a little (34 seconds “slower” than the “new average” or maybe “new expectation”,)

It was a beautiful day yesterday, I was working “in the field”, which made it nice, but I still couldn’t really just “enjoy the day”, but I enjoyed what I could!

Listening to book about Alan Turing. It proceeds slowly to say the least and in much detail. Actually they are involved right now in how he assisted in making and breaking the encrypted codes in World War II.

Obviously that was very important in the overall scheme of things and it is interesting to hear about how it was done, although I wasn’t clear on some of the details.such as exactly what an “enigma” was. I went to my trusty Google and found out it was actually a machine, almost an early computer, which either generated the codes or cracked the codes.

The allies cracked the Morse Code secure communications and supposedly saved two years of war. Regardless, it was quite a feat.

Last night, at Toastmasters there was discussion about “bucket lists” (things you really want to do). I actually have a lot of bucket lists, although I don’t call them thatt, some small, some not, some I’m sure I will do, some I’m sure I will never do.

Again, I wonder about the role of “expectations” in bucket lists. If you are disappointed in one project, do you keep on going, or do you become disappointed and stop? What happens after you attain all of your attainable “bucket list” projects.

Actually, thinking about it some more, I have a lot of things I’d like to do, but not a “list” of projects I’d like to achieve.

Most of mine, I kind of “go with the flow” and try to achieve different experiences as the opportunity comes out.

Of course, I realize sometimes you have to “make” the opportunity also!

Another dream:

2-5-17 Sunday

Dreamed Aliene and I were going to a conference . We got there and parked in a parking garage with several floors.

Can’t really remember the middle of the dream, but at the close, for some reason we had slept in the car al night (now parked on a surface parking lot as dreams will have you do)

i got up early, can’t remember why, but I had a hard time finding the car when I returned.

Aliene wasn’t there and I wondered where she had gone. I started worry bout letting her know I was back. I couldn’t find my phone I looked through the car and realized I had a large plastic bag of times in the back seat of the car. (not sure where our luggage etc. was since we were sleeping in the car)

Dream ended as Aliene came back, opened the car door and got in.

That’s it for now, Tuesday, February 7, 2017.


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