2017 Winter February Wednesday

48 degrees this morning, walk 35:50 minutes

Definitely a “cold” 48 degrees this morning, the wind seemed cool. I even put on gloves and sometimes even in 35 degree weather I don’t need gloves.

Around 76 degrees yesterday at it’s high, and they are forecasting in the 80’s this weekend. I figure every day of Winter past is one more day gone that won’t be winter weather!

Heard a speech Monday about the power of “words”. It was an interesting speech and included your immediate reaction to a word based on it as a “word” and without any context. Even though I was aware of the power of individual words it was interesting.

I am amazed at the ignorance and completed lack of courage by the republications as they kowtow to a horrible, lying, immature, bully coward. They have no courage and don’t deserve to serve in Congress. I will certainly do everything possible to insure the cowards who represent this state aren’t re-elected.

I have never seen such a massive display of cowardliness and a complete lack of any concern about the future of the united states.

The approval of a acknowledged extortionist and someone who uses her money to shove people around and buy votes (even in this state) is really a shameful episode in this nations history.

Next I am sure they will approve a career criminal who plundered the taxpayers of Oklahoma as the head of the EPA, for which he is absolutely unqualified.

What is really amazing is the complete lack of responsiveness by our alleged “representatives” who were such cowards many skunked out of “town hall” meetings rather than admit they are cowards and don’t deserve their position of trust.

Shame on them for kowtowing to such a lying bully whose entire “success” has included vicious lying attacks on people and he hasn’t changed.

This is a shameful time of history for america, a so called “president” who is nothing but a lunatic and a vicious coward, who can’t stand to hear anything but praise for his ignorance and bullying immature behavior. I can’t believe people accept his lies, much less the entire Congress kowtow to him, let him run the country into ruin and accept his insane appointments of incompetent and unqualified people.

Another dream to report on:

Dreamed living in a high rise apartment or maybe an office.

I was sleeping and I woke up and found a large duck (probably not really a duck since it was all black, maybe a goose). For some reason a man I used to work with was in the room. He originally told me it was some kind of extinct chicken.

The animal had a kind of shaw on, which may have stopped it from pecking me.

Trying to figure out how to get the animal out (apparently there was no stairs or elevator, I had to lower myself to rope to the next floor) so I was having a hard time trying to decide what to do with the animal.

The dream seemed to take place in Concordia, Kansas, which was strange, since there is no building this tall there.

Was starting to feel desperate about what to do with it when I woke up.

Strange dreams.

That’s it for now, Wednesday, February 8, 2017


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