2017 Winter February 9 Thursday

25 degrees this morning. No walk (due to work schedule)

Sudden cold yesterday. Went out expecting the same weather as the day before, but a high wind made even 43 degrees seem a lot colder. Left without a coat, which isn’t good judgement in this state!

Cold today, and then it is supposed to get to 86 degrees this weekend! Like I said, every nice day is one more day without winter weather!

One of my eating mainstays is blueberries in the morning with my cereal. I have been eating fresh blueberries for years. For about ten years (I don’t really have any idea if that is correct or not), I have been able to get reasonable good fresh blueberries year round.

Of course, in Memphis, when fresh blueberries were available (and cheap) it was wonderful for several months, but even during the winter months, reasonably good blueberries were available.

Recently I finally gave up on getting decent fresh blueberries around here. I had tried frozen before, but didn’t like them (preferred nothing to the frozen).

However, a Doctor told me I should keep on eating berries, so I researched frozen berries and found frozen berries are probably better than fresh, for various reasons. (The freezing prevents lost of nutrients.)

The fresh blueberries had become plump and almost like small grapes, plus many of them were obviously going bad. Nothing against grapes, but grapes are grapes and blueberries are supposed to be blueberries.

It is hard to explain but blueberries are supposed to be smaller and harder.

Anyway, I got some frozen blueberries (they are also much cheaper than fresh), and found I can live with them and enjoy them. They aren’t as good as good fresh blueberries, but they certainly are better than what passes for fresh blueberries now.

Blueberries are one of those foods (like cinnamon) that I have been using for years and just discovered they are good for you!. Actually that is unusual, normally it is the other way around!

I can even remember when I started using cinnamon in my oatmeal, it was about 2001 in Austin, Texas at an IHOP. I used cinnamon in my oatmeal and I enjoyed it so much that I have used it ever since and just recently found out it is good for you!

It is strange how a single episode can change things in your life. Aliene and I were surprised to realize that the CMA Fest had changed the socks and underwear I wear, as well as perhaps the music we listen too!

I won’t go into the story but, as a result of “freebee” socks and underwear, I found I liked something I had never tried before!

I got some great “hot sauce” at the last CMA fest, hope I can find it in the store. I am still using the samples, which may indicate how much hot sauce I eat.

Preparing for another cold day before the warm weather arrives!

That’s it for now, Thursday, February 9, 2017.


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