2017 Winter February 10 Friday

48 degrees this morning, walk 33:53 minutes

High wind this morning. However pace was about a minute faster per mile than last time, about 30 seconds faster than “expectation”. Maybe the wind pushed me, although it works both ways since it also was against me part of the way.

Noticed I cough more when there is a high wind, meaning either my “exercise induced asthma” is influenced by the wind or there are more things I am allergic to.

I have set a record on the number of miles walked on a pair of shoes (at least since I started keeping track of my mileage for shoes). Of course it is time for a new pair and retire these to casual wear.

At least I know I will automatically turn down any “Under Armour” shoes. I don’t have any intention of supporting any company that kow tows to the lying bully, hoping he will lie or somehow promote their brand, or, more likely, shovel tax money to them.

Friday got here fast. It really seems like the week just got started, not the I”m complaining about the weekend getting here!

Sunday, we are planning to hear the “Four Seasons” live, I think the first time I have ever heard them live. It is mostly violins, which is even better, since violins are my favorite instrument. It is at a local church and is without a conductor. 18 instruments which should be good.

I will never understand how the local cable company (Cox Cable) acts. Almost every time, if you need something done, they will tell you one rate and then double or triple it when you get the bill, apparently hoping you won’t notice.

When we moved they told us it was free and than tried to charge $300. We recently upgraded and they told us $75, the bill said $200 etc. They always take it off, but I don’t understand why lie except some people apparently don’t catch it.

I’d never go “automatic payment” with cable tv, you ever know when they’ll pack the bills with unwarranted charges.

Of course this is the same company that just increased rates about 10%, plus added a “regional sports fee” so “customers would be aware of it”. They are such hypocrites, I wonder if they really think people believe it?

Of course, we can cancel and do have other choices, including going “off the grid” and using on-line only.

For some reason the cable companies don’t have a lot of sense, although I am sure they make plenty of money.

The state governor made a proposed budget (which will never get passed) to eliminate sales taxes on groceries and tax “services”. It will be interesting to see what happens. At least the governor proposed something, which is better than many do other than proposals to reduce taxes for the wealthy and large companies and shovel money to companies as “incentives”.

Looking forward to the weekend, especially seeing the concert.

That’s it for now, Friday, February 10, 2017.


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