2017 Winter February 11 Saturday

62 degrees this morning. Walk 35:21 minutes

Temperature is supposed to get up to 87 degrees today! Actually, it was a “cool” 62 degrees this morning with a relative high wind.

Pace was about 17 seconds per mile above expectations, about 45 seconds per mile slower than yesterday.

I’m not sure what all affects my “pace”, I think some of it is if I am conscious of my pace and I know if I listen to fast music I walk a lot faster. Don’t know if there is any relationship to a book I am listening to or not!

The book on Alan Turing I am listening to is still in the phase of WWII, when Turing worked on both encryption and breaking encryption.

There is some interesting fact about encryption, although there is a lot more detail then I really care about, so it is challenging to pay attention.

One interesting fact mentioned is that “speech” conveys so much more than the written word. They mention that speech may include background noises, intonations, etc. that you don’t get in the written word, so the spoken word (if you are trying to “break” the message) is a lot easier than the written word.

I think that is certainly true in any aspect, maybe a primary reason for the popularity of video for advertising etc.

Probably video would be even easier to “break” than the spoken word, since there are so many different inputs involved and almost all of the senses (other than smell and feel) are available.

Probably that is a reason advertising would love to be able to send “odors” (or maybe I should say “scents”) via the internet.

Of course that is one reason simple Morse Code was used for secret messages, but than they look for repetition or patterns and can concentrate on that.

I have noticed that in my job. One requirement of many accounts is that we visit “in person” and I always note how much more I can pick up in person that I can on the phone and certainly more so than e-mail.

Another dream to report on:


Dream Aliene and I were in a hotel somewhere in Oklahoma City

We checked in and went to lunch there. The meal was kind of like a buffet, but not not a buffet, maybe a cafeteria style.

Afterwards Aliene went to the room.

I stopped to pick up some stuff we had (for whatever reason) in the restaurant, I think a pari of shoes, some scandals (sliders) and a warm up suit.

For some reason, every time I picked them up, someone would say something and I would put them down or lose one of them.

The restaurant was like a partial store with items on the floor etc. except I don’t now that they were for sale and there was all kinds of items on the floor (placed there neatly, like on display)

For some reason Aliene had bought a number of my Hot Wheels” cars and placed them on the floor.

A man with a scar (or a big birthmark picked one up and asked what it was or perhaps why they were there.. I said it was mine and I could pick them up. He kind of looked at me and said, no that was ok.

I finally got outside the door and realized I didn’t know our room number and all of the stuff I was carrying I couldn’t reach in my pocket and look for the number.

My phone started raining and I knew it was Aliene calling to ask where I was, but it turned out it was the alarm I use for naps, so I woke up.

No idea as to hit this dream meant.

That’s it for now, Saturday, February 11, 2017.


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