2017 Winter February 12 Sunday

55 degrees this morning. Walk 32:31 minutes

Walk this morning was “cold” 55 degrees! The wind was blowing and it was a cold wind. At first I didn’t think I had dressed warm enough but it was ok.

My pace was about 45 seconds faster than yesterday. However, the “minutes walked” is misleading since in a world of my own, I accidentally missed part of my walk, a cove I normally walk through. It wasn’t a lot, about .10 mile, but it made the time walked misleading.

Purchased some new walking shoes yesterday and I was amazed at the difference. My “old” walking shoes were a lot more worn out than I realized!

I had forgotten how it can kind of sneak up on you, as you get used to the minute difference each day and start to think of that as “normal”.

The padding and “spring” of the new shoes was amazing. I actually bought two pair (one in a black, one in a greyI) and will probably use the black ones for work walking, where I can walk up to five miles a day at times, although it varies a lot. I also am thinking of switching each day, but I haven’t decided yet.

I am going to start clocking (for mileage) my walking time at work when I work “in the field”.

I think there are a lot of things that we continually get used to a “new normal”. I recently read something (I don’t necessarily agree with it) that said you should dispose of house slippers after six months, shower bath mats after three months, towels after a period of time (I believe a year) etc. because of germs and just wear and tear.

Again, there is the factor that a “new normal” becomes the norm and you accept less than you should.

I start to look a little suspicious at some moccasins’ I have been wearing (primarily in the winter) for probably 32 years! Actually I keep thinking I am going to wear them out each winter (meaning something will break etc.), but they make it though each winter. I am wearing socks with them now, but they survive continual washings and wearing each winter.

I haven’t worn them as much this winter, I think because the house is so much warmer than the other houses have been .

When a pair of shoes etc. or whatever is beyond even my continuing to use it, I always felt a little guilty about donating it (rather than just throwing it away).

However, I recently read that “everything” in used clothing is other used by someone else or shipped (probably to the the country it was made in) where it completes a weird cycle as it is either distributed for more wear or “recycled” with all the buttons, zippers, cloth etc. recycled for use in new clothing or other uses.

That made me feel better, since I here to keep contributing to the mound of landfill mountains that I have observed developing over the years.

“A New Normal” really concerns me about politics. We are developing a political culture where a lying bully who is “supposed to be” a president, routinely lies, lies that everyone knows is lies (and then all the kowtower cowards go along with it), viciously attacks people on a personal basis, blatantly breaks the law continuously, appointed Nazi’s, racists, extortionists and criminals to key positions and soon it becomes the “new normal”.

What is so bad is that businesses etc. are kow towing cowards, since they figure they will make billions ripping off consumers and the government again, as well as the cowardly republicans who kow tow and approve his inappropriate appointments, lies and illegal actions in the hopes of ripping off come money or getting their extreme beliefs into action and pay not attention to the people they are supposed to be representing.

Hopefully we will survive until the lying bully is impeached or removed due to his mental illness, although his replacements aren’t much better. Elections are coming and hopefully it will be the “last term” of all of the cowardly Congressional representatives in this state.

That’s it for now, Sunday, February 12, 2017.


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