2017 Winter February 13 Monday


44 degrees this morning, walk 34:09 minutes.

Sounded cold this morning (like a wind), but wasn’t really that bad. Pace was about 3 seconds per mile below (faster) than expectations.

Went to the “Four Seasons” concert yesterday, the first time I have (to my knowledge) ever hear it “live”. It was really wonderful, all string instruments, mostly violins, which is my favorite instrument.

This is the “first” concert by a new group, so it will be interesting to watch it progress.

I was especially impressed by the size of the crowd, which means they may be around for awhile!

Shoes felt good again and I again thought about how change becomes “normal” and the dangers of allowing the “new normal” to be acceptable.

Since the concept of the “new normal” became part of my conscious mind yesterday, I have thought about ways the “new normal” could be a problem, even where I can change things, not counting the things I can’t change.

Just things around the house spring to mind, such as items that could be germ carriers etc. While it hasn’t been a problem for years (since I use a mechanic who is good at pointing out problems), a car can deteriorate to the point of being dangerous without you really noticing it etc.

Years ago, I remember I had some tires that I didn’t realize had gotten so bad until they slid on a wet road and I realized they had gotten almost slick, at least they were dangerous.

You can say the same thing about clothes, beds with mattresses deteriorating and you “get used to it” until you start having back problems etc.

Same can happen with relationships etc. I think it is good to try to look at things with “new eyes” to note any gradual changes etc.

I know when we came back every few months, we would note changes that people who had been living with a gradual change (people, situations or objects etc.) hadn’t noticed.

Another dream. Only remembered the last part, but it was a strange dream.


Intense dream. At the last part I was trying to understand a phone caller and I couldn’t understand what they were asking for and I tried to figure it out since it was important.

I had looked over and saw someone I worked with I hadn’t seen for a long time, while I was talking.

After the call end (caller sunup in frustration) I looked at saw it as my younger sister not the person who I thought I saw.

She said something about a it was a “small office” and I said it was “good enough”.

Than I woke up. Not sure what job I was working at or the location.

That’s it for now, Monday, February 13, 2017.


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