2017 Winter February 14 Tuesday

2017 Winter February 14 Tuesday

40 degrees this morning. No walk, rain.

Rained relatively heavy yesterday for the first time in awhile, don’t recall when it last rained. Light rain this morning.

This is being written on my desktop this morning rather than my laptop. As a precautionary measure, I took my laptop in for service, it was crashing more often and also appearing to overheat.

Of course, it only happened on a sporadic basis. When that happens, I tend to look at what other factors may have been in play (too may programs up etc.). Anyway, probably will be without it today and tomorrow morning, hopefully be ready by tomorrow morning.

Just to continue my thoughts yesterday about “gradual change”, I think one area that is especially important is the “gradual change” in organizations.

As I mentioned, it seems that change, even sudden change, can suddenly become the “new normal”. Just like life, it is easy to get caught up in daily activities without consciously being aware of the need to consider actions needed on a longer term basis.

Not being critical here, just commenting, I’m as bad as anyone, getting caught up in “today” and not considering what is needed for the long term enrichment or ability to change.

An organization I belong to recently begin questioning if we (the members) had slipped from the original purpose of the organization (which could mean getting out of your comfort zone and occasionally challenging yourself in a relatively safe environment) hadn’t lost sight of our main purpose and slipped into more of a social organization.

Not that that isn’t part of it, but if we lose sight of our main purpose, you also lose sight of what makes the organization unique and the reason for joining in the first place.

Worse yet, any organization needs new members, and prospective new members will quickly realize the organization has lost sight of it’s original purpose and join elsewhere, eventually leading to the death of eh organization.

Definitely different to work on a desktop after working primarily on a laptop for so long. In my job, I use a tablet, (basically a laptop), although I do have a full-size keyboard for the office.

I have quickly learned to really like the touchscreen on the tablet. Enough that I really am not sure if I will purchase another Apple laptop if they don’t have touchscreen. It only seems logical with phones, iPads etc. all having touch screens that their laptops would have a touchscreen also.

Like I mentioned about organizations causing along and not realizing the “normal” has changed, I think Apple needs to look at their products.

Actually, I read that their is an iWatch (well, not really, it is a non-Apple product) that has a separate cellular connection. While at one time I wanted one like that (in an Apple watch), to be honest, I don’t see the point now. I’m not sure I’d want another connection when the connection with the iPone works so well.

Actually, the only time I don’t have my phone with me is if Im swimming, and the Apple watch works for swimming.

However, I have worked with touch screens enough to KNOW I want a touch screen!

One of my favorite observances, Valentines day is today.. Wishing everyone a Happy Valentines Day!

That’s it for now, Tuesday, February 14, 2017.


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