2017 Winter February 15 Wednesday

2017 Winter February 15 Wednesday

36 degrees this morning, walk 34:39 minutes

Winter weather has returned. Of course, it was raining all day yesterday and if i had been cold, it would have been quite a snow/ice storm, so overall it worked out ok. I was in the low 40’s, but the rain made it seem very cold.-

Pace this morning was about 15 seconds per mile better than expectations. I hope I can continue to increase my pace a little each week, or month or whatever, just as long as there is “continuous improvement”.

“Continuous Improvement” (I won’t try to spell the Japanese for it) is an interesting concept, I’ve liked it ever since i learned it many years ago. I still remember when I first learned it, it was one of those “ah ha” or maybe a “thunderbolt” experience.

Of course, your first thought is it sounds good, but what do you do when continuous improvement may be counter productive or you have reached the “as perfect as you can get” situation?

I expect books have been written on it, and, as normal, some people have taken it to an extreme.

I did a quick Google Search and of course found the Harvard Business Review article on “It’s time to rethink continuous improvement” (I didn’t read it, although I might) and otter hazards of continuous improvement.

Of course I expect a lot of problems are caused by the “means becoming the end”, where the purpose of continuous improvement becomes an end in itself and not actually “continuous improvement” of an organization, procedure or product.

I still really like the concept, that we can “continuously improve” at least in an incremental way.

Still, in absolute terms, at some point, I will be as fast as I will ever be at walking. I guess the point it, like life, you really don’t know where that point is. I assume if I can even improve a second a year, that is improvement and at least keeping me performing at my best.

I doubt that a “second a year” is what continuos improvement is all about!

Got the report on my Macbook Air. Google Chrome was causing the problem! Hmmm…… have to wonder about sabotage, since Google and Apple are competitors in so many areas! I really don’t believe that, although you never know.

It actually seems that Google would want to excel on Apple products, just to show off how good they are!

I will be glad to have it back. The desktop computer is nice, I forgot how nice it is, but a laptop is certainly convenient.

Hopefully my laptop will last until Apple comes out with a touch screen. If not, I’ll have to keep my options open, although I can’t imagine switching.

February 15, the second month of the year is already more than half over! Time does fly!

That’s it for now, Wednesday, February 15, 2017.


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