2017 Winter February 16 Thursday

37 degrees this morning walk 34:30 minutes

Overall good walk this morning pace was about 4 seconds per mile slower than expectations.

The shoes are still great, the difference is amazing. I am not going to let my shoes go for so long again, even if it isn’t damaging my feet, the comfort is worth it.

I don’t know how you decide at what point the “gradual deterioration” gets to the point you replace them, which is always the question. I probably will replace them at a lower mileage, especially if it is obvious the “spring” has gone out of the shoe.

Kind of like a tire, when you think you could easily get an additional 1,000 miles or 10,000 or whatever, it just isn’t worth it.

I am always reminded of the story about the test pilots who liked to take chances and “test the edge” of flying. They said the number of times you could do it was “X+1”, X being the number of times you do it, with +1 the time you had a crash or got caught doing something in violation of the rules!

Kind of like speeding “X+1” with +1 the time you get the ticket!

Shoes aren’t quite as sudden, with “+1” probably being a matter of miles, not a sudden breakdown, although at some point they are damaging my feet.

It is kind of like deciding when to buy or sell stocks, except that in reality you never have to sell of buy stocks, but there is normally a point you should buy or sell, you just don’t know when until after the fact!

Nice to have my laptop back, although he desktop wasn’t bad by any means, in fact I liked it. I still am surprised that Google Chrome caused he problems, but that explains why it was so erratic.

Just want to mention that so far we are actually very pleased with our “home warranty” company, Choice Home Warranty.

They have been very responsive and the contractors they sent out have been very good, in fact we are using them for other projects.

So far we had a furnace blower go out and then last weekend out garbage disposal went out. In both cases, we got a quick response, the item was replaced without any fuss and the contractor was very responsive. At least this year, we more than got out money back.

We originally bought it because, quite frankly, we had a horrible home inspector who was just “for the money” and did less than the minimum required (we aren’t going to use the Realtor who recommended him again either). Although we hope we never have to worry about buying another house again, we really like his one.

Also, the house, while not old, (built in 2004 or so), is getting to the point where all of the original equipment will start wearing out or needing repairs. It is a very well built house and they used quality products (for the most part), so most of the items are still original equipment.

Anyway, so far we are very pleased with them, if nothing else have a contractor to respond is almost worth the premium.

Our only real concern is that they don’t always allow enough for “original equipment” to be the replacement part, somewhat like the trick they pull on extended warranties on cars.

That’s it for now, Thursday, February 16, 2017.


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