2017 Winter February 17 Friday

50 degrees this morning walk 33:42 minutes

Cold wind this morning although once i got going it wasn’t bad. Pace this morning was about 15 seconds faster than expectations.

Hopefully this Spring I will be able to lower the expected “pace” and also slightly increase the distance of my walk.

Using the “scribble” function on the iWatch. It is amazingly easy to use and also very effective. Overall, after about 4 1/2 months using it, I really like it and it is very useful. As I mentioned, my only regret is I have some other watches I really like and I hate not wearing them, but I don’t really need two watches on my wrists!

I am still learning some of the functions and expect I will continue to be learning them.

Got my “air buds”, as is frequently my method, I haven’t used them yet, still getting used to them. I will focus on them soon. I may need to take them into the Apple store for instruction, which is another reason I like Apple products.

I find it difficult to believe that in two weeks two months of 2017 will be gone! Can’t say it is bad or good, it just seems that time flies.

Although I find how fast time goes somewhat sad, I have to admit I am looking forward to summer arriving with warm weather. I am very tired of cold weather.

I think I will start thinking now about someplace warm to escape to next year in February!

The few days of nice weather we had was nice, but hardly enough!

Watched a short squib on “self driving cars” and how good they actually are. Maybe soon it will be a reality.

Thinking about it, the basic car is probably one of the longest inventions that hasn’t really improved in it’s essentials, although it certainly has improved over the years . However it basically involves a driver having to drive it etc., and handle all aspects of driving.

I know I will never buy a car again without a backup camera, side radar (for backing or for someone in your “blind” spot) etc. Although our current cars don’t have it,I won’t buy one without the “lane drift” warning either. We rented a car with a “drift warning” and it was nice.

I remember almost 20 years ago,I learned that the technology was there to allow a person literally to get in a plane and have it automatically take off and fly and land. I wonder why this hasn’t bee perfected and marketed?

Listening to the book on Alan Turing. it emphasizes again (as did the books on Tesla and Steve Jobs), that major advances frequently seem to be “in the air” and many people are working (apparently independently) on major advances.

It is always fascinating to read how some of the technology we take for granted was developed and how just a small change would affect how we do things.

At least Friday is here and this is a 3 -day weekend. Unfortunately it is the last holiday until Memorial Day, which seems a long ways off but will be here before we know it!

That’s it for now, Friday, February 17 2017.


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