2017 Winter February 18 Saturday


50 degrees this morning, no walk

Looking forward to getting to the point where snow at least is rare. Although I have seen heavy snow even in late March, it is rare.

Reading up on “backyard” chickens, I was stunned to find extreme examples of ordinances allowing “farming” in residential areas, to the point that the ordinance specifically says that “noises, odors etc normally associated with farming” is allowed in small lot residential areas.

That is scary when bullies who want to impose their living wishes on everyone else are successful.

Obviously I have nothing against farming but it is scary to think that a bunch of bullies have the power to change ordinances to ruin their neighbors quality of life, to say nothing of housing value.

Reading “Fatal” by John Lescroart. Normally not my type of book based on the plot, but it is a fascinating book about how life can change, or perhaps the consequences of obsession or the consequences of not maintaining your values or even how actions truly can change your life.

Normally I probably wouldn’t even have started reading the book after reading the plot but I did and it has been an interesting read.

The national scene has really gotten scary, a lying bully lunatic as the “so called president” and a bunch of kow towing republicans who are so intent on getting what they want they have no ethics and vote against the voters to support a liar.

Same with the businesses, they ignore the lies and lunatic behavior, including at least three advisors who are nothing but extremist, racist Nazis who would be laughed out of the room in normal times.

The business community obviously has no ethics, supporting this lying lunatic so they can get “reduced regulations” that allow them to cheat and steal from the public “legally”.

Nothing against reducing regulations but the “meat ax” approach shows a desperation to “make a show” with no real concern for the consequences.

Also they feel if they kow tow and lie enough they will get highly profitable government contracts from someone who is nothing but a lying despot.

Both groups should be ashamed of themselves and I hope they are held accountable in the future for their cowardly behavior.

What is really scary is his advisors are all parrots who support the lying bully’s lies, distortions of reality and obvious delusions of grandeur that he is some sort of dictator and not accountable for this actions to the public.

Usually extreme actions have a “rubber band” result that the swing is too much to the other side, but the situation has gotten so scary that hopefully some of the republicans and business people will show some courage and say it has to stop.

What really scared me was the lying Nazi robot storm trooper (Stephen Miller) who appeared on the news shows last Sunday and was obviously a lunatic out of touch with reality. Anywhere else he would not be appearing on behalf of anyone.

A real sense of unreality went over me as I watched.

When a career criminal who has plundered Oklahoma taxpayers with high cost luxury offices and hiring numerous “attorneys” to file lawsuits for his political cronies in the energy businesses is approved for the EPA, it is even scarier. Of course, the fact he was even appointed is scary. At least the crook is out of Oklahoma. I don’t think he will last long, even in the current national government atmospheree.

I figure it is time to stand up and state the situation even if I can’t do anything about it.

That’s it for now, Saturday, February 18, 2017.


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