2017 Winter February 19 Sunday

53 degrees this morning, walk 34:54 minutes

Lot of moisture in the air this morning, made it seem cooler and also more coughing. As usual didn’t know how to dress, so dressed too warm.

Listening to the book on Alan Turing. As I’ve noted before there is a lot of detail in the book, which can make it challenging to listen, and probably read.

However, it also can be highly instructive. This morning they discussed how internal (I assume) storage was developed in computers, which was rather fascinating.

If I understood it right, the “storage” is created by the “time delay” , the natural delay (although very short, to the whatever of a second, I assume billion or something like that) it takes for an electronic impulse to travel.

The “storage” is is created in this time delay! Don’t ask me how it works, just the theoretical concept boggles my mind.

Somehow in all of this the length of a “kilobyte” as 1024 bits started. It is a mind bender for me.

Of course, they also discussed external storage, and the benefits of each.

I may need to get this book and read some parts of it! I expect I could get it from the library and keep it for awhile to get a chance to read it.

Thinking of listening to a “Great Course” on astronomy next. I know next to nothing about astronomy so I probably could get some questions answered.

One the most intelligent and interesting persons I have even known was an expert (to say the least) in astronomy and it was interesting to hear him discuss some of his theories.

Working on my presentation on “Urban chickens” or rather why this is not a good idea. Basically I feel there is a place for chickens and a place for living, and they shouldn’t co-exist, or at least they shouldn’t be allowed near other people who don’t want chickens running around.

Of course, just like a child who promises to take care of a dog or cat, their interest soon wanes, soon they will lose interest, the coop will not get cleaned, chickens will get out etc. and they will be a neighborhood nuisance.

It is almost like “bullying” and attacking people with lies etc. to get what you want is becoming part of the American culture.

Of course when the so called president is a lying bully coward, whose low class gutter behavior allowed him to get rich and even become “president”, I guess you can’t expect it not to spread.

Of course, the biggest bully’s are the corporations who pay a lot of money to lobbyists to buy legislation that will make them a lot of money.

A prime example is in this state. Basically a health plan wants to offer a “limited” health plan which of course will increase rates for all of us who aren’t young and healthy.

So of course the company hires 8…8!!! lobbyists to spread money around and “buy” legislation that will allow them to make a killing at the express of the older and less healthy state employees.

There has to be an answer to stop this, but I don’t have the answer.

That’s it for now, Sunday, February 19, 2017.


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