2017 Winter February 20 Sunday

57 degrees this morning No walk (rain)

Holiday (Presidents Day) this morning. As always, a “holiday” is nice. Last Holiday until Memorial Day in May, when at least it will be warm!

Heavy rain last night, a “spring” thunderstorm with lightning and thunder. Light rain this morning.

Looking forward to Spring arrival, should be only a couple of weeks before we see the first flowers of Spring.

I always mark the time I see my first Crocus flower (it my be something else, but I call it a Crocus). Around here, the redbuds are also a sign of Spring, a little bit of red in an otherwise drab environment.

Watching a tape replay of the first (I assume) NASCAR race of the season. I don’t watch much anymore (the races are way too long and take too much time), but this is a short, preliminary race (called the Clash and 75 laps).

I was trying to figure out when “Gray” was appropriate and when “Grey” was appropriate and found out both were appropriate, just different spellings.

I am surprised I didn’t know that, another quirk that hadn’t reached my conscious mind before! I am surprised that question hasn’t come up in my mind before.

Several weird dreams yesterday:

2-19-17 Sunday

Dreamed Aliene an I were in a large city. We had rented a car and were looking for a place to eat.

The windshield of the car was suddenly blocked and Aliene said it was cardboard on the windshield.

The car was a beat up “sports model” (probably like a Mustang, with a rear seat) and for some reason Aliene was sitting in the rear seat. Three was no visor on the riders side, and I commented it was a “one person car”

We stopped at a hotel at a hotel after I missed a turn onto the interstate, and went in but didn’t get anything or go tot he bathroom which was strange. Can’t remember what we went in for.

Parked on a gravel area, with some junk bicycles, looking out on the interstate.

The hotel was a large gray building, without any windows and he doors didn’t have door knobs.

Aliene said she wanted some strawberry cake like she made. I agreed and we went back o the car.

For some reason I got several hats out of the trunk and then put them back.

I realized the rental car company hadn’t pulled off the wrapping on the windshield they put on new cars, which is why the windshield was suddenly blocked at times.

Started to pull of the plastic on the windshield, and then I woke up.

Second Dream:

Dreamed out working somewhere. I had a black SUV (I don’t, but did in the dream).

Aliene is home visiting with someone.

I have lunch with my daughter (as a small child) and my mother.

My iPad goes out (the old kind with the big connector). I go home to get it and see the grass in the year is high and needs mowing, but also there appears to be snow on the ground.

As I was parking, a car came down the road at high speed and I had to hasty go forward into the driveway and then parked on the street.

I go on to get the connector and then realized I have one in my car already. I went back out to the car and then woke up.

That’s it for now, Monday, February 20, 2017.


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