2017 Winter February 21 Tuesday

53 degrees this morning.Walk 34:00 minutes.

Walk was pleasant this morning, no real wind, clear, moisture was low.

Pace was about 15 seconds faster than expectations. I would like to lower my “expectations” by about a minute this Spring.

Back to work after a 3 day weekend. It was a nice weekend, except I had to work on my presentation but at least the holiday made it easier to find time.

I will give it “real time” next week, and I will be glad when it is over and done with, regardless of the outcome! I will basically know I have done my best.

Listening to the biography on Alan Turing, it seems that since the time of early computers, the “next generation” of computers made the previous generation of computers obsolete and was 5 or 10 times faster etc.

The book is still very challenging to listen to, so I am listening to it to get what I can out of it and won’t worry about it.

The new shoes have been working out fine. I still feel I have a “spring” in my step I didn’t have before! They seem to fit well.

Another dream to report on. While they usually don’t make a lot of sense, I like to record them as a part of my life’s journey.

2-20-17: Monday dream

Very strong dream Monday that I had my car stolen. (Strong meaning I woke up and thought it was read)

Dreamed I had stopped for gas at the same place we had a Toastmasters meeting (which isn’t where it really is.).

I stopped for gas, went to the meeting (which was a meeting, nothing like our actual TM meetings are). On member was hiding under a table (not sure why) and then went not a closed meeting to speak)

I wondered out and remembered I had gotten gas and forgot to shut it off and drive the care up.

I didn’t find the car key in my pocket (or not the right one), even though I don’t put the key in he ignition anyway.

I wondered around looking for the car. I advised the clerk, who kind of nodded his head.

I was going to all the police, but I din’t know the address and I didn’t see an address anyplace.

The clerks were busy and I couldn’t get their attention. It was an old type store where they did everything by hand.

Somehow during my dream I started thinking it was a dream and I woke up.

That’s it for now, Tuesday, February 21, 2017.


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