2017 Winter February 22 Wednesday

44 degrees this morning. Walk 33:56 minutes

Pace about 30 seconds faster than “expectations”. Distance was on the higher end of the walk.

As I wrote the date, I realized we are less than a month away from Spring! Every year the wait gets longer (or rather seems to get longer, of course it really doesn’t change).

As I mentioned, soon I expect to see a Crocus (or something like it) and Redbuds.

Seeing the various flowers and blooms emerge though the Spring and Summer is always an especially enjoyable part of Spring and Summer.

I don’t really have any favorite flowers or blooms, I just enjoy them from the Crocus to the Crepe Myrtle.

Already the sun is up much longer.

Of course, the arrival of Spring also means the arrival of preparing the tax return. I always basically enjoy doing it (except when I see how much we are paying, especially when billionaires pay nothing).

Funny, our one year “anniversary” in our house came and went (February 17) without me even thinking about it.

I think it may be that I don’t see a horizon to this house, we really aren’t planning on moving (unless the extremists in this state or country get so bad we can’t stand it).

I decided to change my schedule a little this morning and go to the gym before I start work. My schedule now is to walk as soon as I get up (and lift weights right after I walk), and then I go to the gym during the day when I can.

Actually, my “work computer” has a “3 password and you’re locked out” procedure (which is stupid in my opinion) and I accidentally locked myself out after 4:30 p.m. when IT support closes. Part of the problem is my tablet has to be reset occasionally and it automatically wastes one attempt when it starts up for some reason.

Anyway, I usually start work an hour before IT Support opens, so I can’t this morning, since the computer is an essential part of my work. I probably could spend an hour filing or something, but I thought I would try exercising early.

Hopefully I will be able to start riding my bicycle outside without coughing, I am almost certain my coughing is related to “GERD”, so I have been taking preventive measures (eating less at one time, sleeping with head elevated etc.).

Still listening to book on Alan Turing (It was about 32 hours, so it wasn’t’ a short book, which may be the reason it is so detailed).

They mentioned that at the time (this was in the mid 1940’s), they thought the “thinkers” ought to do “thinking” and the “doers” ought to do the “doing”.

Of course Turing (and most other inventors when you think about it) not only were “thinkers”, but also the “doers” who actually built what they thought about.

Thinking back, most of them (Tesla, Edison, Steve Jobs etc.) at least started out building their own devices, which may be how they learned, from feedback on their attempts at building what they imagined.

That’s it for now, Wednesday, February 22, 2017.


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