2017 Winter February 23 Thursday


60 degrees this morning, walk 35:18 minutes.

60 degrees this morning, low 80’s yesterday, I like this winter weather! Actually had an office day yesterday and realized I could wear my “summer office uniform” of shorts, t-shirt and scandals! Obviously I dress a lot differently for a field day!

Pace this morning was 15 seconds slower than expectations. I never know why or how my pace changes so much.

Thursday already, the week passes fast. As I noted, the year 2017 is almost 2 months over.

Just watching a “Mad Money” story about how Amazon is so good at anticipating what you want to buy. Actually, I find it the e-mails and the creepy “following” on Facebook etc. to be irritating and rather scary. I definitely don’t buy based on such actions.

The follow-up really doesn’t make any sense. If you buy a printer, they inundate me with offers for printers. Maybe ink might may sense, but more printers? (Same for shoes etc., really doesn’t make any sense.) Must be something wrong with their algorithms.

Speaking of algorithms, Facebook needs to tweak their’s. I don’t mind getting a few political pages, but it is overwhelming and it really isn’t productive. They don’t seem to have a “slow down on this” setting, it is either all or none. It appears to have a “less of these” alternative, but not really.

A few of them is fun, but somehow Facebook seems to assume “more is better” and it is getting to the point I am not responding at all to political posts and that is all I see.

It is kind of fun to respond and read them, but it really isn’t productive since I expect only like minded people read them.

As I have mentioned before, I think it is bad that intolerance on both sides had grown so much, but extremes tend to lead to extreme reactions on the other side.

Twitter is somewhat they same way, except you see both sides and you can respond in extreme ways also.

Of course a lot of it is the “news” media that is irresponsible.

I am strongly considering canceling the local newspaper due to their extreme editorial page.

Yesterday, the local paper tried to use tragedy in a school system in a small town to try to push “charter” schools, which are basically rip-offs by the operators, although there are a few good ones.

As happens with everything (“private” prisons etc.) greedy businesses are ripping off charter schools and paying off legislatures so they can make huge profits with little oversight to the detriment of education of children.

There will be an over-reaction in the future as happens.

That’s it for now, Thursday, February 23, 2017.


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