2017 Winter February 24 Friday

2017 Winter February 24 Friday

42 degrees this morning, (feels like 34), Walk 34:25 minutes

Obviously colder this morning, especially with the wind. Enjoyed weather in the 80’s yesterday!

Pace was about 30 seconds per mile faster than yesterday. 30 seconds isn’t much if you think about it, but I am surprised my pace varies that much.

While I haven’t analyzed it, my pace generally can vary by a minute a mile. I assume it has a lot to do with the weather, how I am feeling etc. I do know if I listen to music, I can end up walking much faster or slower depending on the music I am listening to.

Saw my first Bartlett Pear trees blooming yesterday. A sure forecast of at least one more deep freeze! I didn’t see any Crocus, although i understand someone did.

Of course it is 42 this morning and I believe the forecast is for 26 degrees Saturday, although I may be wrong on that.

I was thinking yesterday of my thoughts several months ago about “a minute of anger is 60 seconds of happiness lost” (or something to that effect.). I still see the wisdom of that.

Anyway, I have had a lot of anger (and justifiably so) about the incompetence and literally criminally actions of state and federal elected and appointed officials. Their greed, incompetence, lying and generally dictatorship, nazi-type actions are hard to take.

I shut off Mad Money this morning after Jim Cramer started kow towing to the lying bully again and I feel perfectly justified in doing so. Why trust someone who kow tows to a lying bully and his incompetent, vile, criminal staff?

However, I am going to attempt not to not get angry about some of the more dispectable, comments or actions, lies etc., just turn not bother to read about it or watch it.

One thing about reading, i is a lot easier to skip objectAble stories.

Of course, if I attend a “Town Hall” meeting or am communicating my displeasure, I certainly feel I can convey how I feel, but otherwise commenting on Facebook, Twitter etc. really isn’t going to do anything but bother me, not the lying bully or his incompetent Nazi appointees or the kow towing GOP who needs to develop some courage and represent their constituents, not continue kow towing to a lying bully who lies so much he doesn’t know the truth any more.

Unfortunately, he likes the kow towing so much anyone will only tell him what he wants to hear so it will get worse.

Anyway, I have decided I’m not going to waste any more time on getting angry about the lying, nazi behavior and gross incompetence. If I have an opportunity to do something about it (attend a meeting, write a letter or whatever) I will use my time in that way.

Working gradually on photographing my “Hot Wheels” collection, although I do have other brands other than Hot Wheels. I figure it will be slow and steady.

I had hoped to do “one per day”, I’m not quite doing that, although I get two or three when I can. The main thing is to just keep it up.

I am trying to do the same thing with my hat collection, as I plan on disposing of some of the older, more ragged hats, or just hats I won’t wear anymore.

That’s it for now, Friday, February 24, 2017.


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