2017 Winter February 25 Saturday


24 degrees this morning (“feels like” 15 degrees)

Decided not to walk this morning, not just because of the cold, but because of the wind and how it may affect my coughing.

After yesterday, there is no doubt that the lying bully has a severe mental illness and is trying to assume power as a dictator and needs to be removed. The GOP needs to develop some courage fast, as do the businesses and quit kow towing to this lunatic and his nazi crazy appointees.

He and his appointees have clearly lost all touch with reality and are trying to cover up whatever happened with the Russians.

Hopefully some people will come to their senses fast and quit kow towing to this power hungry idiot.

Same with the businesses, they need to stop looking at short-term profits they will make and look at the long term damage of this lying lunatic and his nazi appointees.

I try not to “rant” too much, but the time has come where “resisting” is absolutely necessary and to remain quiet is no longer an option.

It is becoming very scary to watch some lying lunatic bully slander the respected news media and the crowd actually cheers.

We need to remember the history of similar nuts in our history who fortunately never became President or had a bunch of cowards in congress who kow tow to a lying bully.

Anyway, otherwise things are going ok, it is just there is this overhanging shadow of a lying bully lunatic who has lost touch with reality running the country and a bunch of cowards in congress who are kow towing to this lunatic in the hopes of getting their policies passed.

Time to think about the Country (both the congress and businesses) and quit being so selfish.

The cold weather after the warm weather, while expected, is still a shock to my system (both physically and psychologically!) The one good factor is that I know the cold weather won’t be around for long.

Normally I would have walked no matter what (except for rain or snow) and not let 24 (feels like 15 degrees) weather concern me. However, this morning I think the thought of the cold weather after the warm weather was just a little too much!

Another dream:

2-24-17 Friday dream

Dreamed I was in some kind of huge warehouse, with stairs like ladders (using rungs from wall to claim up) instead of normal stairs or elevators .

I was tying to do something , not sure what. At one point someone put an old style recycling bin at my door.

Not sure who else was in the building, there were varied shadowy figures.

I seemed to keep going through a door trying to find items.

Can’t remember a lot more, just wanted to note what I could remember.

There were a wide variety of men around, but I don’t know what they were doing either. All were dressed in suits and hard hats. I didn’t speak with or interact with them.

That’s it for now, Saturday February 25, 2017


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