2017 Winter February 26 Sunday

40 degrees this morning (feels like 33 degrees), walk 33:44 minutes

Walked one of my fastest “paces” every this morning, about 36 seconds per mile faster than my expectation.

It is strange how I know I am on line to walk fast almost as soon as I start walking and some days I know I’m just not going to have a fast walk. Either is actually ok with me, as long as I get the exercise.

Didn’t lift weights this morning, had a shot Friday that made my arm sore. Although I don’t know if it would really matter, I thought it may be better to wait.

Finally am getting a replacement work “tablet” (more like a small laptop) tomorrow for work. My base has been somewhat of a problem ever since I get it and it was getting worse, so I am looking forward to getting a replacement.

We literally can’t work without our tablets/laptops. I don’t really like being that dependent on something but that is the way it is. Fortunately the IT support is excellent, which really helps.

One of the biggest frustrations with them is internet connectively, which I assume is a problem a lot of people have.

Reading a book by Jane Mayor, “Dark Money” that goes into where the lying bully is getting a lot of his funding, from the tax free “think tanks” like the Heritage Foundation that is really just a tax dodge front for unethical corporations who are lobbying to maximize their profits and cheat their customers, to put it frankly.

The “Family Business Coalition” is one that somehow (while espousing “free markets” and supposedly organized as a 501 C 3 for “public protection in disasters (or something like that) runs a bunch of ads carrying water for a bunch of wind farms that have been ripping off state taxpayers for years to the tune of over $100 million dollars a year.

A former Governor even said it was never supposed to cost over $2 million dollars a year!

Of course the “Family Business Coalition” had some kind of made up poll( without showing any results or any of the questions etc.) stating that the “wind industry” tax rip-offs were supported by the residents! I believe that is called a lie.

I also wonder how legal it is for a non-profit group supported by tax deductible contributions to be carrying water for the “wind industry” to keep ripping off taxpayers when the state can’t even pay it’s employees above poverty rates, but the wind industry rips off millions for excessive salaries etc.

Same with “private prisons” that receive millions in tax rip-offs while public prison guards are paid $11 an hour, which isn’t even above poverty level!

It sounds like the lying bully is proposing similar tax rip-offs nationally where “private” developers will rip-off taxpayers for billions (of course the lying bully’s companies will be one of the main ones ripping off the taxpayers) by getting “tax credits” for building projects (the first rip-off) and then charge feed for their use (the second theft and rip-off of the taxpayer) and then I am sure there are other “incentives’’ tax ripoffs they would use.

This vile creature belongs in jail with his Nazi racist criminal ignorant appointees.

Anyway, I never did get into reviewing the book “Dark Money”, that will be a future discussion !

That’s it for now, Sunday, February 26, 2017.


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